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Top ways to reduce cart abandonment!

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“88.05 percent of online shopping orders were abandoned, i.e. not converted into a purchase. – Statista 

Cart abandonment has been a major problem for all online business owners since the onset of E-commerce. Thousands of dollars are lost because customers don’t always tend to check out the cart.

In order to overcome this issue, let us understand the reasons behind cart abandonment and how can we help you?

A normal Pop-up provides a way to encourage the progression of sales through direct messaging and Q&A.

but Pop-up + Temasys = direct messaging with 1 to 1 communication to progress the sale and introduce upsell opportunity and extended customer service

Affordable Pricing – many abandonments result from users cross-shopping for the price, monitoring the market, and adjusting prices against the competition is a clear path to additional sales.

Pricing with Temasys – customers are often willing to accept a higher price point when the customer service levels are higher. A video sales process can reduce the instances of price shopping and a lost sale over what can be as little as a few cents emails – a great way to communicate with customers to bring them back into your sales funnel.

Emails + Temasys + high touch customer service as a result of a response to “come back” emails drives brand loyalty.

Why Temasys make the solution better?

Temasys is a leading CPaaS solutions provider, powering thousands of interactions every day with Video, Voice & data-sharing. Our Skylink solutions/video APIs allow you to assist your customers on your platform. Live interaction helps them with their choices and answers to their immediate requests which leads to a smooth checkout process. 


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