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Top Ways To Improve Communication for Work From Home

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There was a time in the past where Work from home was nothing but a distant dream. Thanks to the 2020 pandemic, MNCs have experienced and benefitted from remote working. The concept is getting more in demand as people around the world are realizing and finally utilizing digital co-working spaces.

Want to know why?

The flexibility to work remotely does not only affect the company costs but has also shown an increase in productivity. The American express employees who worked from home were 43% more productive.  At Temasys, we create a world of hassle-free communication, that empowers people to operate & scale communications effectively in real-time.

Here’s how we can help you work remotely

SDKs: Web & Android devices have been developed with 4 years of intensive research and efforts to make an easy-to-use real-time communication system. The SDK supports Java applications on the Android platform with Kotlin. This configuration allows your application to use encrypted, low-latency Audio, Video, and advanced data streaming functionality easily.

In simple words, our solutions allow you to securely communicate on your company platform, whether it’s internally or with customers.

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