Top reasons to switch to E-learning
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Top Reasons to Switch to E-learning Today!

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Unlike the traditional chalk & board method of teaching, E-learning portals have transformed the way of education today. E-learning portals have contributed in a big way, especially during the 2020 pandemic. Online learning has made classrooms a lot more fun, interactive, and visually attractive for the students.

A survey conducted by  The Research Institute of America to test the retention and attendance of the students. The results showed that the retention span had increased by 25-60% in Digital Classrooms. Nevertheless, it also comes with some more benefits along with this.

Here are some of them

  1. Personalization – The online method of learning accommodates everyone’s needs. From students to office goers can take classes as per their availability and schedules. It is often seen that the latter prefer doing courses in evenings or over the weekend.
  2. Consistency – It allows educators to reach their maximum potential in terms of their messaging and reaching a wide audience
  3. Repetition – Thanks to the digital revolution, has led to some noteworthy changes in terms of how we access, share, discuss and consume. Online courses allow students to access the content unlimited times for a better understanding and revision. In contrast to blackboard teaching where you can simply take notes,  E-learning allows you can attend lectures at ease, N no of times.

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