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Top 3 features to have on mobile applications

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What is Real-time Technology and what role does it play for mobile apps today?

Real-time technology is nothing but mimicking the behavior of the real world. It is the basic requirement for building mobile applications and no longer an optional feature today. Real-time technology provides data in real-time to the end-users.

Mobile app developers spend hours creating real-time features for the mobile apps they build. Most of them embed such features via exchanging data with the app servers in real-time. By allowing this feature, real-time technology has been able to reshape the world of web and mobile app development.

 Why do we need real-time features?

Real-time features are a must for mobile apps. Whether you’re a start-up or an established organization, everyone wants to install real-time features on their application to receive a higher level of digitalization. Real-time features are beneficial to both the organization and end-users by offering fast, reliable, and feasible services. The growing innovation has created a demand for real-time features in different industries such as Healthcare, education, travel, media, and more.

How can Video, Voice & Messaging feature benefit mobile apps?

  1. Multitask simultaneously – booking a cab and texting the driver with the details
  2. Connecting with the real-world – sharing live locations, online messaging
  3. It helps developers focus on UX, innovative in-built features

Here are some of the important features –

  1. Push notifications
  2. Live streaming
  3. Live order status

As we now understand the importance of real-time features on mobile apps and the effort it takes for the developers to build them. We at Temasys, have built solutions that can help developers integrate the above-mentioned real-time features easily on any website or app they like within a few minutes. It is handy and can be understood easily even by owners.

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