DJ Patel Speaks At AWS Re:Invent 2016

It’s Time To Embrace Real-Time Communication and WebRTC

Posted On February 23, 2017 by Chip Wilcox in Blog, Ecosystem

A few months ago att AWS re:Invent, we attended AWS CTO Verner Vogel’s keynote address and saw a special segment presented by Dr. DJ Patel, then the U.S. Chief Data Scientist for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. Patel’s address focused on how the government is using data to better understand the complex needs of the American public by being more responsive, and in tune with of our biggest challenges.

What really hit home for our team during Patel’s presentation, though, was a point he made about the staggering pace of technological innovation which has been taking place over the last several years. It’s amazing to think about how fast technology has changed in such a short amount of time. It seems like just yesterday, we were using floppy drives to store information.

“Just think,” said Patel, “What did the world really look like when our phones didn’t take pictures? Buying shoes on the Internet was a weird idea. Carrying maps around was a normal thing.”

Why were we so fascinated with this somewhat trivial point?

Patel went on to explain how it’s not always about what we can do with technology that really matters. It’s also important to think about how technology is changing expectations. We have to remember to look at the forest from the trees from time to time – specifically in regard to customer-facing communications services.

In other words, as technological innovation has increased, consumer expectations have evolved along with it from anytime (email/ chat) to near real-time (push notifications) to real-time (live video and audio transmissions with minimal latency).

As Patel pointed out, now we expect things like:

We expect many disparate services to exchange information and work together simultaneously and without a hitch. And when these services are not made readily available, we get frustrated. This all sounds great, but there is a fundamental problem that is happening in business today. Many organizations still haven’t gotten the memo that their digital channels need to be operating in real-time.

While some organizations have already embraced real-time communication, a sizable chunk still operate like it’s 1997. In other words, they are using slow and unresponsive communications systems, with limited capabilities for interacting with customers.

Just think about it: Many companies today struggle even with basic challenges, like maintaining a fully-functioning website. Such companies have a long way to go to catch up to leading organizations which offer advanced technologies to communicate with customers. It’s not impossible for businesses that are behind to catch up, but it will require being open towards new solutions.

As for companies that refuse to embrace real-time communication?

It’s safe to assume that over the next decade, it will be survival of the fittest in business. Companies which recognize the need for real-time communication and adapt to incorporate it will thrive, while businesses that cling to any-time and near real-time technologies as their primary means of communication will fall by the wayside.

We are in a real-time world, where consumers expect immediate access to goods and services. And this world is accelerating with every passing day.

Consider what the world will look like with ubiquitous 5G and IoT connectivity.

So stop and think about your own business for a moment.

Do your communications technologies meet the heightened demands of today’s consumers? At the end of the day, you are either offering embedded real-time communication, or you aren’t. There is no in-between. And while consumers may not immediately look for this type of communication on your website, they will definitely expect it and will notice when it’s not there.

There’s no need to panic if your business is behind the times.

You can easily catch up. Here at Temasys, we offer a technology that can get you up to speed relatively quickly.

The technology we offer is called Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC),). It’s an open source communications standard that you can build directly into your website to for enabling video, audio, text and data transfers between browsers, using peer-to-peer architecture.

WebRTC can enable lightning-fast interactions between customers and company representatives. It can turn your website into a place for customers to not only learn, but also to chat with experts using their browsers and microphones.

Temasys offers a fully-managed and secure WebRTC platform. It removes the difficulties and complexities of building and managing your own WebRTC solution.

WebRTC can enable real-time communication between customers and company representatives. It can turn your website into a place for customers to not only learn, but also to chat with experts using their browsers and microphones.

So let’s get your business moving in the right direction. To learn more about how you can obtain real-time communication using WebRTC, click here.

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