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The Friendly Face Wearing Headphones in the Lower Right Corner: 3 Great Uses for Website Chat

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So friendly and helpful looking. The face and text entry field in the lower right corner on many of the business websites you navigate to. It’s a website chat and they are there to help you with something.

Website chat is just a way for internet users to communicate on the web without having to download special software. It’s quick and easy to implement and quick and easy to use and it’s no wonder they are being used so widely.

One thing to consider before you start using website chat is to consider that you may not be chatting with a human being. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning has advanced so that you may be able to get help from a computer rather than a real person. You may be able to get answers from companies about simple things like addresses and opening hours. But for more complex things like disputing a charge from your bank, you may need a professional customer service representative.

Also, the chatbot can be a hybrid — a mix of AI and human. At first, the website chat is through a machine that determines who you are and what the scope of your problem is, and then will escalate to a specific person who can solve your more difficult problems.

The rest of this blog post will explore some interesting and novel uses for website chat and perhaps give you some ideas of your own.

On the Contact Us Page: The Standard Business Case for Website Chat

More and more small and medium-sized businesses have a high-quality well-designed website to get information out to the general public. Practically every one of those pages has a Contact Us page that supplies customers and potential customers a way to communicate. Companies list email addresses, phone numbers, and, of course, a webchat interface.

The reasons for this are obvious. A web chat is often cheaper than a phone call and is more reliable than an email. Certainly, you’ve emailed and NEVER got a reply. Having an automated or staffed chat gives customers confidence in the enterprise and gives out good information right away.

Doctor-Patient Communication: When You Don’t Want to Leave the House

Doctors and patients communicating over website chat solves many of the traditional communication problems for healthcare providers.

Using a hybrid website chat has a variety of uses. An automated chatbot can schedule and change appointments quickly and easily and also answer standard questions about addresses, opening hours, and availability.

Chatting with online physicians, nurses, and support staff allows for private secure communication that is often highly sensitive. Instead of talking out loud on the phone about your symptoms, complaints, or billing issues, you can click away quietly on your laptop or handphone making the free flow information better and more secure. Plus, your co-workers or family members can’t listen in.

Conversational Web Chat: When You Need Someone to Talk to

Many web chatbots employ Natural Language Processing(NLP) to analyze your text input and then to formulate a response. As the name implies, the responses from the chatbot are more natural and more like a human.

Many types of chatbots have been built to replicate human conversations and have been used to help people do different things. There is a chatbot that can be used to monitor patients with Alzheimer’s disease, permits family members to view conversation logs, and also makes diagnosis to keep track of any cognitive declines.

Another chatbot service allows insomnia sufferers to communicate with it when someone cannot sleep and are all alone at night. It’s called, hilariously, Insomnibot-3000. It’s a bit of a novelty and developed by a mattress company but this gives an idea of how chatbots can be used as a marketing tool.

Thanks so much for reading this blog post. I encourage you to repost this on your social media and make comments in the space below. I would love to hear about any interesting chatbots that you’ve come across.

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