Temasys WebRTC Plugin Supports Jitsi Meet

Temasys WebRTC Plugin Supports Jitsi Meet

Posted On August 13, 2015 by Chip Wilcox in Blog

Temasys just announced the latest release of its WebRTC Plugin for IE and Safari. Apart from performance improvements and bug fixes that go into every version, the Temasys WebRTC Plugin supports Jitsi Meet, including whitelisting and screen-sharing for Microsoft IE and Apple Safari users who use Jitsi’s open source application, meet.jit.si.

Temasys and Jitsi developers worked together to bring this special experience just to Jitsi Meet users, and together we’re excited to announce the launch of this feature.  Now Jitsi Meet users can start a video chat, join a friend’s room, share their screen – everything they can do in Chrome, Firefox and Opera, but now they can also do it in Internet Explorer and Safari.

The catch? You will need to download Temasys’s free plugin to get started.

Jitsi Meet is an OpenSource (Apache) WebRTC JavaScript application that uses Jitsi Videobridge to provide high quality, scalable video conferences by relaying video rather than mixing.  Try Jitsi Meet right away at meet.jit.si.

You can also download Jitsi Meet from their GitHub page: Jitsi Meet GitHub Repository

Just in case, here are a few Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do you (still) need a plugin to use Jitsi Meet in Safari or IE?
Safari and IE do not have built-in support for WebRTC, the technology used to make video chats work in Jitsi Meet. The Temasys WebRTC plugin helps make WebRTC work on Apple’s Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer desktop web browsers.

What versions of IE and Safari are supported?
Safari 7.x +. (Click here for how to get the latest version)
Internet Explorer 9 and up. (Click here for how to get the latest version).
For a complete list of compatible browsers you can check out our support matrix here.

What operating systems versions are supported?
Mac OS X 10.9 and 10.10. (Click here for how to update)
Windows 7.x and 8.x. (Click here for how to get the latest version)

Will this plugin work with Safari (or any other web browser) on iOS?
Unfortunately, no (or at least not yet). We will be sure to let everyone know when Apple makes WebRTC support available in WebKit, the rendering library that every browser on iOS must use.

How can I get screen sharing to work on my own installation of Jitsi Meet?
Temasys and Jitsi have partnered to offer special pricing on versions of the WebRTC Plugin that can help add screen sharing and several other awesome features to your own installation of Jitsi Meet. Please contact us via temasys.io. or at sales@temasys.io for additional information.

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