Temasys Skylink SDKs 2.0 Improves Stability and Adds Key New Features

Posted On January 14, 2020 by Alex Macdonald in Blog, SDK

We’re thrilled to announce today the release of Skylink SDKs 2.0, the next generation communication platform for embedded live voice, video, messaging, and screen sharing. 

Skylink SDKs 2.0 improves stability and reliability, adds mobile screen sharing, and enhances recording functionality. 

We’ve made upgrades to each of our components. The following reminds you about the general functionality of each component and highlights some of the changes we’ve made to them.

With Temasys Skylink SDKs, you can quickly embed video, voice, and chat engagement into your web applications and mobile apps. We can help you embed video conference capabilities and peer to peer chat on your website in a matter of minutes.

Our Temasys Skylink SDKs are available to try out here. They have been developed so that you can be up and running quickly and easily and are truly cross-platform, with tools for the web, iOS, and Android. We also build WebRTC plugins for a variety of browsers so you’re completely covered. 

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