Temasys Plugin Supports WebRTC

Temasys Plugin Supports WebRTC in Internet Explorer and Apple Safari, on Desktops

Posted On May 12, 2014 by Chip Wilcox in Blog

Temasys is pleased to announce that it now provides universal support for webRTC video and audio across all major desktop web browsers, including Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Apple’s Safari web browsers.

The Temasys plugin will let any webRTC-based website work on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Apple’s Safari web browsers. The solution was designed and tested to work with Internet Explorer versions 9, 10, and 11, and current versions of Safari on Microsoft windows, and MacOS X.

Dr. Alex Gouaillard, Temasys’s CTO, points out, “Our solution is as close to pure webRTC as it can be: We extended the webRTC implementation that is used in Chrome and in part by Firefox, ensuring much easier maintenance and interoperability, going forward.  Our generic approach to building the plugin helps enable webRTC for everybody, without reverting to older technologies like Flash or java. It is not and will not be a proprietary solution that only works with our products. It is and will remain free.”

Temasys received encouragement from some key parties who were willing to test the integration of early alpha versions of the plugin.  Says Dr. Gouaillard, “Bistri, who has a great platform and with whom Temasys has a great relationship, managed to have their SDK support Safari and IE for basic calls within two days, and more complex operations within a couple more days.  We really cannot thank them enough for the invaluable feedback they gave to us.”

Emmanuel Venisse, Bistri’s CTO points out : “Our team was happy to work on the pre-release version of the Temasys plugin. We were impressed by the simplicity of the implementation so it was very easy to update our SDK to support Safari and Internet Explorer. With this plugin, all basic WebRTC video calls will be satisfied pending new features like datachannels”.

Almost one year ago, Google and Mozilla released a video demonstrating a peer-to-peer, in-browser video conversation between Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, proving that interoperability across browsers using WebRTC was possible, if only for two widely used browsers. Since then, a recurring pain point for everyone working to commercialize webRTC has been the lack of native support for webRTC by Microsoft or Apple in their desktop browsers.

Temasys’s plugin for IE and Safari is currently available in binary form on the company’s web site at http://bit.ly/1lnlEIK. The current version is fully functional and requires minimal customization to be incorporated into existing webRTC solutions.  However, for the plugin to be usable in an enterprise context, there are still a few features that need to be completed.  Temasys will maintain and support the ongoing development of their Internet Explorer and Safari plugin.

Developers and interested parties are encouraged to contact Temasys at webrtcplugin@temasys.com.sg or visit http://bit.ly/1lnlEIK for additional information.

MORE: http://bit.ly/1lnlEIK

About Temasys

Temasys is an early-stage startup based in Singapore with an office in Mountain View, CA.  It was founded in 2012. Temasys’s WebRTC SkyWayTM audio and video solutions make it easy to build and deploy stable, scalable and secure WebRTC applications for web and mobile.

About Bistri

Founded in 2010, Bistri has pioneered a WebRTC based Video Conferencing platform and associated services redefining the way we communicate online with simplicity, confidentiality, and privacy. Bistri is also a member of W3C WebRTC working group and an official sponsor of the WebRTC Conference & Expo. Bistri has been named Cool Vendor 2013 by Gartner.


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