Temasys to Take to the Stage This Summer at “All About the API” and “Real:Time Web Solutions”

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Platinum Sponsor and Expert Team to Help More Developers and Businesses Embrace Real-Time Communications in Apps and On the Web Through Workshops, Speeches, Panels and More

SINGAPORE and PALO ALTO, Calif., July 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Temasys, the global Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) leader in real-time communications in apps and on the web, will take to the stage all summer long as company executives present, speak and demonstrate why their technology is being chosen by over 2,500 developers and businesses to provide WebRTC-based solutions. Executives from Temasys will lead workshops and educate audiences across the United States about WebRTC and how it is changing the design, development and deployment of real-time communication inside apps and on the web, at two of the technology and services industries’ leading conferences.

In mid-July, during the Las Vegas-based All About the API conference, that is being held July 18-21st at Caesars’ Palace, Temasys joins Oracle and YTel as a Platinum Sponsor of the three-day event. As part of All About the API, Temasys will host “API Live,” theTuesday, July 19th hour-long Demo Day event featuring Oracle, YTel, SmartBear, Agora.io, Nexmo, and Temasys themselves. The companies will each show how they have successfully incorporated API’s into apps and services, or showcase customer companies that have deployed API’s of theirs, all live on stage in a rapid-fire demonstration in front of the event’s attendees.

During All About The API, Chief Marketing Officer Chip Wilcox and Chief Technology Officer Sherwin Sim will also lead a two-hour workshop entitled “In-App Real-Time Communications Tips, Tricks and Traps.”

In this workshop the Temasys team will present a number of choices available to technology companies and developers when it comes to making, buying, building, or renting decisions for platforms that support real-time communications in apps and on the web. They will also explain the benefits and risks associated with selecting a platform partner, and how to avoid typical implementation challenges that are seen every day. Lastly, the team will highlight specific use cases that illustrate a wide variety of different ways to that the proper API’s easily and elegantly bring real-time communications into applications as features that increase customer engagement, or can provide core functionality for new disruptive businesses.

At the conference, Wilcox will also speak on a topic relevant to marketers and product team leaders. In a session entitled “Marketing: You’ve Created Your APIs, Now What?” Wilcox will dive into and present a deep understanding the API economy and explain how companies developing and publishing their own APIs is a clear path to future business success. He will also take part in a plenary discussion entitled “Raising The Bar for SMS: How Cloud Communications APIs are Driving Innovation in Legacy Telco Services,” alongside executives from recently IPO’d Twilio, and Vonage-acquired Nexmo, plus the founders of Plivo and Tely.

A few weeks later, Temasys moves to the Big Apple, New York City, again serving as a Platinum Sponsor of Real:Time Web Solutions, the next generation event originally known as the WebRTC Conference and Expo. The event, which runs from August 1st to the 4th is part of Communications Developers Week.  There, Wilcox will lead and moderate a plenary panel discussion entitled, “How Will the Real Time Web Impact Other Communications Solutions of Today.”

“Temasys is committed to being a key player in the ever expanding ecosystem surrounding real-time communications, apps and web-based services,” said Temasys CEO Bent Rye. “These two events are the must-attend events to be at this summer. We are very excited to interact, listen, learn, present and explain in detail the two most game-changing elements impacting the technologies being deployed today: API’s and WebRTC.”

About Temasys

Temasys Communications is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) company based in Singapore and Palo Alto, CA providing full stack solutions for Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC), an emerging standard for real-time communications in apps and on the web. Temasys products include the Skylink Platform and the Temasys WebRTC Plug-In for IE and Safari.

Temasys is recognized for its expertise in leveraging the WebRTC standard and is actively engaged in its development. Team members participate on W3C and IETF WebRTC standards committees.

For more information visit the Temasys website at http://temasys.io/.

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