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Posted On August 15, 2016 by Chip Wilcox in News

Telecom Reseller: WebRTC Deployment with Temasys

We recently had the honor of conducting a podcast with Telecom Reseller publisher Doug Green about WebRTC deployment challenges and how Temasys aims to help fix that problem for developers.

“WebRTC has made the march from the fringe of emerging technology to being at the center of how mainstream enterprises communicate with their customers. WebRTC is the technology that is empowering huge advances in communication, but often gets little public mention.”

The Temasys Take: Digital Transformation Is A Thing

Temasys agrees: There is a revolution taking place in businesses worldwide. The buzz word is “digital transformation” and that’s used to describe how companies are rethinking (again) the way they engage with their customers beyond Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. Today, it’s not about e-Commerce or social media, it’s about all kinds of businesses investing huge amounts of money in custom web and mobile applications, which end up being significant points of contact, if not the primary way their customers interact with them.

At the same time, consumers regularly use only a few apps of the tens or hundreds they install on their mobile phones. That’s why it’s critical to ensure that any engagement with a prospect or returning customer result in positive experiences and lead to a sale or increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, as quickly as possible.

Adding real-time video, audio, chat and data exchange features to your app is an effective way to increase customer engagement. Putting these capabilities into the context of the experience you create for users will keep them in your app instead of asking them to negotiate a bunch of 3rd party apps with disjointed workflows just to talk to you.

Developers Need Easy-to-Use WebRTC Deployment Tools

At the same time, developers are the people who bring your customer experience to life. They often don’t have the time, experience, or the access to a deep bench of technical resources to successfully deploy and support real-time communications features and infrastructure. It doesn’t matter if this is a WebRTC deployment or the use of VoIP, SMS and voice calling functionality based on other technologies.

Consumers will expect increasing levels of service quality and by providing seamless, in-context communication options you can be ahead of that curve. Yet, this is impossible without easy to use and accessible tools and solutions that make it possible to deploy and scale these solutions reliably and cost-effectively.

WebRTC is Foundational, Not a Full Solution

So what about WebRTC? WebRTC is a foundational technology, but it’s not a full solution. As people become more comfortable with real-time communications being embedded in the everyday browsing or app experience WebRTC should move into the background, just doing its job, making real-time in apps and web services work for everyone.

The story will become more about how WebRTC deployments and the use of embedded real-time communications support new ways to engage customers and to build new business models.

And that’s what Temasys is here to help with. Temasys makes WebRTC deployment and adding embedded real-time communication (powered by WebRTC) to any app, on any device, at any scale easier, faster and reliable.

Learn More About What We Do, Here.

Download the podcast from the Telecom Reseller website.


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