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Temasys Builds a Customer-Centric Vision at CX Asia Week 2019

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Improving the customer experience(CX) has become a crucial way to build your brand. CX is comprise of every interaction you as a company interact with your customers, from the first telephone call, to your service reps fixing problems, and even such subtle interactions as visits to your website or chatting. Improving the customer experience is the goal of CX Asia Week and Temasys was excited to attend and be a sponsor.

Temasys Sponsors CX Asia Week 2019

It was a privilege to sponsor CX Asia Week 2019 this week at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center in Singapore. As Asia’s #1 customer experience event, we met up with thought leaders and practitioners and shared stories and refined strategies for putting the customer first and building a truly customer-centric environment.

Temasys and the other sponsors, participants, and organizers have built their businesses with the customer foremost in their minds.

Unveiling the Interactive Use Case

Temasys was excited to unveil its interactive use case to demonstrate how our real-time communication technologies can help improve customer experience for airlines, e-retailers, finance, and healthcare industries. The demo allows you to see how our technology can be implemented in a variety of ways, showing how in-app video, voice, chat, and screensharing can quickly and easily solve customer problems

The interactive use case  is available here.

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