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Temasys Brings Real-Time Communication Tools to the Banking and Finance Industry

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Temasys is helping to improve customer service, simplify regulatory compliance, and making collaboration easier.

Embedding real-time communication in web and mobile applications gives the financial industry the ability to increase efficiency, improve customer service, and heighten engagement.

Real-time communication is live video and voice, text messaging, screen and file sharing and recording. Putting these elements together in your web browser and mobile app – without going to a different product or service – gives customers a chance to communicate with you right away, for employees to immediately share information and solutions, and for improving the context of those interactions.

Many of the problems the financial industry faces can be addressed through improved communications and processes, better collaboration, and more contextual interactions.

As all customers increase their internet and mobile banking usage and younger customers stop going to local branches, there needs to be a better way to improve their customer experience. In general, financial institutions must provide more real-time problem solving and allow for more transactions to be completed online.

Temasys builds real-time communication products and services that help financial institutions solve these problems. The Temasys Skylink platform is embedded and seamlessly integrated into your present solutions, so you can communicate with your customers and employees in a contextual environment, meaning that you can see, for example, the screen or transaction that the customer is having problems with. Customers don’t have to explain over and over to multiple service agents what their problem is or who they are, the information is already shared and in context.

eKYC. Financial institutions must verify the identity of their customers and assess their suitability while also analyzing possible illegal intentions of the customers. But a variety of long and short term trends are making it difficult for financial institutions to know their customers in this regulatory sense. Online and mobile banking is more prevalent. Branches are closing. Regulations are becoming more strict.

With the Temasys Skylink Platform, new customers can view products on a financial institution’s corporate website. The potential customer can click on a “Talk to us now” button and quickly be connected to a customer care representative. Depending on the situation, the following options can be taken:

  • Engage in a text message chat to ask simple questions.
  • Escalate to live video or audio for a more in-depth conversation.
  • Share screens to deepen engagement and improve the context of the call.
  • Show photo ID for secure identity verification.
  • Transmit any necessary files to complete the process.
  • Record the entire transaction for regulatory, archival, and customer service requirements.

Real-time communication with the Temasys Skylink Platform can drastically improve the onboarding process for new customers, making customers happier and sales support staff more efficient.

Digital Banking. Just as onboarding can be made easier with real-time communication, day to day business processes can be improved by in context communication. A customer may have a question about a specific transaction that is displayed on their digital banking app. The customer can immediately connect with a customer service representative through the app. Since the screen can also be shared, they can quickly determine what the problem is and how it can be resolved.

When you can react to your customers’ problems in real-time you can solve those problems faster and keep customers happy.

Application Embedded Communication. Improving collaboration with real-time communication is not just for customers but also for your employees. As financial institutions become more global and employees more dispersed being able to collaborate quickly can improve productivity. Using the Temasys Skylink Platform allows teams to communicate quickly and easily, while also being fully encrypted for complete security. As a cross platform solution, employees on iOS or Android, on the web using different browsers can all communicate effectively.

Ultimately, with the Temasys Skylink Platform you can leverage live video and audio, text messaging, recording, and screen sharing to improve the way your employees and customers collaborate to meet the rapidly changing business environment in the financial industry.

To learn more about how Temasys can help you in the banking and finance industry to improve customer service, please click here.

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