Temasys and 1-to-ALL Bangkok Meetup

Posted On December 12, 2018 by Yasmin Diyana in Blog

On November 28, 2018, Temasys Communications Pte Ltd partnered with 1-TO-ALL Network & Communications, a one-stop, cost-competitive network, and telecommunications provider in Thailand, to host their first joint Customer Experience MeetUp. It was an open invitation for anyone curious about how their business’s Customer Experience can be enhanced with real-time communication. 

The highly anticipated meetup started with a delicious oriental Thai buffet at the Sofitel Bangkok. Nathaniel Currier, Temasys’s Director of Solutions, opened with an informal introduction on what Real-Time Customer Engagement is. Vasavas Nonsopa,  CEO of 1-to-All, then took over, describing what Real-Time Communication is like in Thailand. Man Meng Mei jumped in to showcase a live demo of Temasys’s Real-Time Communication technology.

The hands-on question-and-answer networking session that followed was practical and engaging. The discussion was brought to life with further examples of the Temasys Real-Time Communication SDKs and APIs in action.

Vasavas Nonsopa expressed, “I’m so impressed by how easy it is for any developer to integrate real-time communication into any web or application. The opportunities are limitless and it is definitely the future of communication. We are excited to collaborate with Temasys in driving adoption of this transformational technology.”

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