Tap To Speak Chooses Temasys to Turn Smartphones into Microphones at Live Events

Posted On December 6, 2016 by Chip Wilcox in Ecosystem, News

Web-based app boosts audience engagement and increases moderator control using Embedded Real-Time Communication (ERTC)

Palo Alto, Calif. and Phoenix, Ariz., December 6, 2016 – Web-based Tap To Speak has integrated Temasys’ Embedded Real-Time Communications (ERTC) platform to better engage audiences by turning their smartphones into microphones during live events. This  industry-first solution relies on Temasys technology to help live audience members communicate with presenters and remote viewers using WebRTC, the new standard for open real-time communications.

The traditional live Q&A method involves raising hands and passing a microphone around a room. This is time-consuming and often comes with technical difficulties, and generally results in fewer people getting a chance to participate in the discussion.

Using WebRTC’s peer-to-peer real-time capabilities means a connection from one client device to another client device can be made without the use of servers. For Tap to Speak, it means their web and app-based service can send and receive messages between live presentation attendees in real-time, and with no audio latency when a participant is speaking through their phone, regardless of the person’s location: onsite or remote.


Tap To Speak works in any web browser and requires no application download.* The event page is set up online. Audience members enter a unique short URL into the web browser that directs them to a live event page. There they can create a profile or remain anonymous. Attendees can use the event page to communicate with the event leader through comments, polls, and surveys, and use their mobile device as a microphone. Tap To Speak also works as a remote conferencing tool by having non-present parties, who are listening in or watching, participate as if they were in the room using the same features.

“When developing Tap To Speak we saw significant connection and stability challenges in our original iteration that Temasys solved for us,” said Marek Wawrzyniak, Tap To Speak CEO and Co-Founder. “Temasys helped us build a solid foundation for an enterprise-grade solution that we could scale better, faster, and cleaner while meeting our customers’ needs.”

“We’ve all been to conferences, keynotes and watched panels where attendees’ attention is on their screens more than what is happening on stage,” said Sherwin Sim, Chief Technology Officer at Temasys. “Tap To Speak’s collaborative conference tool maximizes audience engagement, participation, and interaction with event producers. We see many other valuable opportunities in the future because of the extensive customization and global scalability of WebRTC.”

This past October, the Thrive Conference for Families in Business took place at Grand Canyon University where the organizers used Tap To Speak for audience live Q&A. The moderator used his smartphone to see the questions accepted by the event manager and addressed them to the appropriate panelist while the next questions were being prepared in the queue.

“We saw 33 percent of our audience login to Tap To Speak and ask more questions then we would have received with a mic runner,” said Evan Carlson, Executive Vice President of Family Life Radio, producers of the Thrive Conference. “While we were unable to address every question proposed, the data collected could be addressed later and kept the conversation going long after the conference is over, which made our event an even bigger success.”

Tap To Speak is available as a free iPhone and iPad app to compliment browser interaction. On Android devices, no additional app is required.

About Temasys

Temasys Communications is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) company based in Singapore and Palo Alto, CA. We provide a complete solution for Embedded Real-Time Communications (ERTC) with a full complement of SDKs, APIs, optimized for and paired with a complete Real-Time Communications Infrastructure as a Service, in the Cloud.

The Temasys ERTC Platform enables developers to embed rich, contextual communication features in any app, on any device, at any scale. Now businesses from many industries, service providers, operators, and carriers can enable high-quality, low-bandwidth video, audio, chat and secure data transfer between users of any web or mobile application. The Temasys WebRTC Plug-in for IE and Safari allows any WebRTC service provider to extend their audience to customers using Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple’s Safari desktop web browsers, which do not support WebRTC natively, today.

Embed Real-Time Communications.  Any App, Any Device, Any Scale.

For more information visit the Temasys website at www.temasys.io.

About Tap To Speak

Tap To Speak is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company based in Phoenix, Ariz., and Lodz, Poland that provides a web-based tool through which live event audiences can communicate with event leaders and speakers in real-time. We turn smartphones in the room into microphones which enable live audio and text communication, and the ability to carry out surveys or polls, increasing audience engagement during events better than ever.

Audience response systems. Engage your audience by turning their smartphones into microphones. Audio, polls, text comments, & surveys. All in real-time using a browser.

For more information visit the Tap To Speak website at www.taptospeak.com.

* iOS devices require a small audio plugin download but still use the Safari browser for 80% of functionality.

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