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TADHack Mini Orlando 2017 Recap: Diverse Skills and Use Cases

Posted On March 30, 2017 by Chip Wilcox in Blog, Ecosystem, Media

Last weekend Temasys attended TADHack Mini Orlando, prior to our visit to Enterprise Connect.

This was an awesome opportunity to get in front of developers with a variety of skill levels and backgrounds. Temasys helped sponsor the event and we want to recognize the teams and individuals who chose to include Temasys as part of their hacks for TADHack Mini Orlando.

To some it might seem like the vendors who ponied up the most cash for the sponsorships and prizes for the event were the ones who got the most attention. You might also get this impression after reading the NoJitter.com post about the event.

My experience was very different.

There were a variety of people from different backgrounds and with different skill levels attending, just as there was a variety of different tools and solutions on offer from sponsors. These solutions all catered to different types of needs and different skill levels in terms of the audience they intended to serve. To their credit, all of the sponsors and mentor developers at the event were intent on helping the other participants learn, get up to speed quickly, and build cool hacks, regardless of which SDKs or APIs were being used.

The point of TADHack is to encourage developers to learn and hack on communications technologies, regardless of their skill levels. Alan Quayle’s own words about the event back this up: “The diversity of people from students to business, from hardcore coders to newbies, delivered a freshness and uniqueness of telecom applications that everyone involved was proud to be part of.”

Yes, some of the sponsors have more money to spend on prizes than others. By the same token, some sponsors may have been more effective in getting participants to use their solutions than others, regardless of the amount of prize money involved.

My impression was more that participants used the technologies they felt were best suited to their use cases, not necessarily whether or not there was prize money available and how much.

In some cases, I’m convinced that the choice of which technology was used really came down to how comfortable the participants were with the different tools, or how quickly and easily they could get their ideas built into viable hacks.

We also admit that Temasys did not have as much money in the pot to give away as some of the other sponsors. Still, out of the twelve hacks that were presented, four (4) utilized Temasys’s SDKs and APIs in some way.

All of the participants who worked with Temasys SDKs pointed to the ease of implementation that made it possible to quickly add the functionality they showcased to their apps. What I found exciting was that they all had wildly different use cases to share, and the participants using the Temasys SDKs absolutely represented the whole spectrum of skill levels that were present at the event, from highly experienced coders to brand new, beginning programmers.

For me, sponsoring TADHack is about more than just prize money. It’s a chance to see developers of all stripes build cool apps and start the journey of bringing real-time communications features into the context of whatever user experience they can imagine. And boy, do we get excited when we see what people come up with.

Here are the winners who worked with the Temasys Platform and their hacks! What’s wonderful, again, is that they comprise a diverse group of both ideas and skill levels, and highlight the flexibility and ease of use of the Temasys SDKs and APIs.

Burbudy — A hack that enhances video surveillance systems to enable homeowners to video chat with someone who is burgling his or her home, warning the burglar to get out now! (see the video demo embedded below)

Created by remote participant Mike Dauphinais using both Temasys and Telestax Restcomm, Burbudy won the $400 prize from Temasys as well as the $400 prize from Telestax/Dialogic/DataArt sponsor group.

Editor’s Note: If nothing else, Mike Dauphinais’ Burbudy app hack was F’hilarious and deserved to win on the basis of the smiles it generated!

Two Player Hangman — A two-player Web-based version of the classic hangman game, with an audio call feature.

Created by first-time hackathon participant Genesis Barrios using Temasys APIs, after being abandoned by her teammate, Genesis persevered to bring home the $300 Temasys prize and an extra $100 for being a good sport from the Telestax/Dialogic/DataArt group of sponsors.

Sky5 Studio Live! — A live interactive recording studio enabling musical artists to collaborate with producers in a virtual studio with a video conferencing feature.

Created by Tshela (Sheli) Green, another novice hackathon participant just starting on her journey to code. She used Temasys APIs, and Sky5 Studio Live won the $300 prize from sponsor Temasys.

Vboard.Me — An interactive online classroom with screen share, whiteboard, and live calling features.

Created using Temasys APIs by remote participant Dale V. Ross with team Ross Squared, Vboard.Me took home the $200 prize from Temasys.

The rundown of all the winners from TADHack Mini Orlando can be found here on the TADHack site.

There’s a lot more of this kind of event coming soon, from Temasys. We’re proud to support TADHack and it’s mission and we are really looking forward to the next TADHack Mini, and TADHack Global later this year!

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