Telehealth. The new normal.

COVID-19 has rapidly and radically transformed the telehealth industry. Once a means of providing medical care to patients in rural areas with limited access to healthcare facilities, Telehealth applications are now a global necessity, connecting medical workers, government bodies and the public within the boundaries of quarantines, social distancing and travel restrictions.


As the pandemic redefines the way we think about medical case management today, both medical practitioners and patients are growing to embrace the benefits of innovative Telehealth applications. Paired with public access to technology and internet connectivity at an unprecedented level across the globe, it has never been clearer that Telehealth is the future. But as medical entreprenurs and tech gurus navigate the myriad challenges innate to the industry, Secure, Real Time Communications is emerging as a critical component of holistic virtual care solutions.

Temasys Communications is a leading Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) company, providing Real-Time Communication Technology and Services.
A complete enterprise-grade and carrier-compliant solution, our secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure, easy-to-use Programmable APIs, exceptional documentation and superior customer support make it easy for you to embed live audio, video, messaging, screen sharing— and more —into your applications and websites.

From reading facial expressions to evaluating visual cues for signs of discomfort or pain, Temasys understands that video-enabled interactions are instrumental in triaging, diagnosing and delivering high quality care without compromising either quality or patient health.

With Skylink Programmable Video APIs, medical workers can swiftly schedule a 1-on-1 video call with a patient to observe and track specific information that simply cannot be discerned on a phone call, with the option of securely recording the sessions for review by physicians or regulatory purposes with Skylink Recording Solutions.

Patients with co-morbidities being treated by cross-disciplinary teams can now realize the benefits of seamless, simultaneous and coordinated interactions with multiple specialists through Multiparty calls with Skylink Mobile Solutions from the comfort and safety of their home.

Our auto-adapting codecs automatically adjust to available bandwidth and network conditions, serving patients accessing services from the comfort and safety of their home the best quality possible.

Medical practitioners and patients can also choose between synchronous and asynchronous messaging to exchange information. Skylink's In-App Messaging provides a secure way to transmit confidential patient information to a Healthcare Provider for remote monitoring and follow-up appointments.

Trusted by some of the world's leading Telehealth platforms to bring richer interactions to remote care, Temasys powers thousands of interactions and millions of minutes of audio, video and data sharing every day. To learn more about how Skylink can enhance your Application, contact us today.

HIPAA Compliance

At Temasys, we take our responsibility to protect the privacy and confidentiality of customer information very seriously.

We understand Telehealth Applications may involve the access, management of, and electronic exchange of Protected Health Information (PHI) which is governed by HIPAA regulations.

Besides never storing PHI on our network, Temasys also offers a comprehensive Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to support your HIPAA compliance.


Temasys ensures that all transmission of real-time video, audio, and data streams is inherently encrypted and secure.


Designed on the principle of simplicity, Skylink Solutions are compact, lightweight and almost pluggable in their ease of use.

Our comprehensive developer documentation and Knowledge Centre are augmented by Sample Code, Guides, Demos and a nimble 24×7 Support Team, making your integration swift and almost effortless.