Real Time Human Communications in a Digital Era

COVID-19 has accelerated the shift to digitalisation in the Banking and Finance industry. Create on-demand collaborative opportunities, support Digital KYC initiatives and augment AI interactions to deliver a seamless in-app experience both for your customers and employees.

The pandemic has wrecked havoc in the global financial system, but it has also forced the move towards digital products and services, with an increasing number of people outside of millennials and Generation Y adopting digital banking and cashless payments.

In this new normal, banks and financial institutions with holistic, robust digital offerings are better placed to serve the urgent needs of a quarantined, social distancing global population. And as the industry steers through the inevitable transition to Open Banking, Secure, Real-Time Communications is proving to be a key component in delivering an extraordinary customer experience.

Temasys Communications is a leading Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) company, providing Real-Time Communication Technology and Services.
A complete enterprise-grade and carrier-compliant solution, our secure, reliable, and scalable infrastructure, easy-to-use Programmable APIs, exceptional documentation and superior customer support make it easy for you to embed live video, audio, messaging, screen sharing— and more —into your applications and websites.

From customer onboarding and Digital KYC initiatives to conversational AI augmentation, Temasys partners with you in your quest to provide your customers with seamless, personalized digital financial solutions.
With the physical presence criteria for KYC requirements becoming untenable in this social distancing era, an unprecedented number of financial institutions are seeking ways to reap the benefits of Digital KYC.

Swiftly integrate our Skylink SDKs with your AI tools to enable your customers to employ digital ID verification via image capture and a brief video call to ensure liveness. Eliminate the need for cumbersome, costly, paper and labour intensive onboarding documentation with our end to end encrypted Data Channel which allows your customers to securely submit Time and Location stamped documentation with their Digital Signature - all within the app.

Customers today demand innovative, convenient, personalized, in context digital banking solutions. Create Customer Delight by allowing seamless escalation to a human agent from conversational AI chatbots and ensuring effective communication via your customer's medium of choice. Employ Skylink MultiParty call solutions to enable financial agents to seamlessly and swiftly bring a Product Specialist into the call for upsell or cross-sell opportunities.

Remove frustrating back and forth between your customers and their end-users by utilizing Skylink Screen Sharing solutions to instantly access the same page, enabling the agent to address queries or fix issues more swiftly and efficiently. And record the whole session for confirmation, training, and compliance purposes with Skylink Recording Solutions.

Trusted by leading FinTech companies across the world for its focus on security, privacy and anonymity, Temasys powers thousands of interactions and millions of minutes of audio, video and data sharing every day. To learn more about how Skylink can enhance your Application, contact us today.


Temasys ensures that all transmission of real-time video, audio, and data streams is inherently encrypted and secure.


The financial sector is one of the most rigorously-regulated industries today. Temasys stays abreast of existing and upcoming regulations and adheres to the parameters defined in each as they apply to Temasys technology.


Designed on the principle of simplicity, Skylink Solutions are compact, lightweight and almost pluggable in their ease of use.

Our comprehensive developer documentation and Knowledge Centre are augmented by Sample Code, Guides, Demos and a nimble 24×7 Support Team, making your integration swift and almost effortless.