Rethinking Learning

COVID-19 has forced an unprecedented move of the world's educational institutes online. Create immersive virtual learning experiences and safe collaboration opportunities for a new generation of students and educators around the world.

In the last few years, the e-Learning industry has noted high growth rates, as the adoption of technological innovations began broadening the scope of traditional educational practices.

The benefits of e-Learning range from cost-effectiveness, increased potential for learning pattern and performance analysis to convenience. Travel and transportation costs are reduced or minimised, building maintenance costs are reduced, and the ability to scale the number of students is less expensive. For corporate training, cost savings are seen through employees not having to lose more time at work to take courses.

In 2020, with COVID-19 shuttering educational institutes all across the world and millions of students out of the classroom, the world is witnessing the largest move towards remote learning in the history of schooling.

E-Learning is no longer simply a cost-effective alternative to traditional classroom learning, but the only available option for education in some countries where safe distancing norms prevail. Even countries emerging from lockdowns are adopting a combination of traditional and remote learning and plan to continue in this trajectory in the post pandemic era as well.

Virtual Learning models vary widely. While some models focus on asynchronous or “one way” e-Learning where students can access prerecorded content at a convenient time, others lean towards synchronous or “two way” e-Learning which enables real time interactions between students and teachers and is similar to more traditional classroom learning. With the generally accepted view being that students are best served with a combination of both methods, the need for a secure, stable and scaleable Real Time Communications Platform is critical.

Temasys Communications is a leading Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) company, providing Real-Time Communication Technology and Services.
A complete enterprise-grade and carrier-compliant solution, our secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure, easy-to-use Programmable APIs, exceptional documentation and superior customer support make it easy for you to embed live audio, video, messaging, screen sharing— and more —into your applications and websites.

Towards our commitment to delivering the best possible connection quality to users, Temasys uses a variety of video and audio codecs like VP8 and Opus which is known for its packet loss resiliency to deliver the best performance for the end user. Our auto-adapting codecs also automatically adjust to available bandwidth and network conditions.
On top of these codecs, Skylink also incorporates multiple algorithms for echo cancellation, jitter and more, delivering students and teachers accessing your application from the comfort and safety of their home the best quality possible.

From Broadcasting to Interactive Whiteboards, Temasys understands and supports the need of the hour. With Temasys, Virtual classrooms don't have to be any less immersive than traditional ones.

Our partners have implemented a wide range of visual collaborative tools that use Skylink's Secure Data Channel and In-App Messaging features.

Incorporate Breakout Rooms with a simple API call to encourage more focussed learning and teamwork. Empower instructors and students to instantly access the same page with Skylink Screen Share, enabling swifter and more efficient query resolution and record and archive all lessons securely and easily with Skylink Recording Solutions.

Trusted by some of the world's leading synchronous E-Learning platforms, Temasys powers thousands of interactions and millions of minutes of audio, video and data sharing every day. To learn more about how Skylink can enhance your Application, contact us today.


Temasys ensures that all transmission of real-time video, audio, and data streams is inherently encrypted and secure. With Temasys, you can trust that the security and privacy of the students and instructors will never be compromised.


The Education industry is heavily regulated in terms of privacy compliance matters, particularly when involving students classified as minors.
To maintain a high-standard of privacy awareness in this area, Temasys actively tracks movement in associated regulatory matters including FERPA, COPPA, CIPA and GDPR.


Designed on the principle of simplicity, Skylink Solutions are compact, lightweight and almost pluggable in their ease of use.

Our comprehensive developer documentation and Knowledge Centre are augmented by Sample Code, Guides, Demos and a nimble 24×7 Support Team, making your integration swift and almost effortless.