Customer Delight in an E-commerce world

The pandemic has radically reshaped our shopping preferences. How we shop, where we shop, when we shop and what we shop for. Enhance customer delight, catalog exposure, and repeat business with Skylink real-time solutions.

In the face of the pandemic, government mandated quarantine measures and lockdowns have plagued retail revenues. However, ecommerce platforms across the world have seen a surge in transactions worldwide as more and more people choose to shop from the convenience and safety of their homes.

As retailers around the world scramble to shape and execute omnichannel fulfillment strategies and expanded online customer support offerings to stay competitive in the new normal, swift and secure Real Time Communications is emerging as a key piece of the consumer puzzle.

Temasys Communications is a leading Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) company, providing Real-Time Communication Technology and Services.
A complete enterprise-grade and carrier-compliant solution, our secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure, easy-to-use Programmable APIs, exceptional documentation and superior customer support make it easy for you to embed live audio, video, messaging, screen sharing— and more —into your applications and websites.

Enabling your customers to interact with your business within your Application comes with a very special set of advantages. Not only do your customer steer clear of jumping from their laptop to their phone and back, but they also avoid what can often be a frustrating labyrith of checks and repetition with simple real-time video-driven in-app instant verifications.

Your customer service agents can also be privy to your customer's buying journey and their site navigation experience before they reached out for help, giving them a better background understanding of the issue and therefore the ability to offer swifter, more effective assistance.

Integrating Skylink's Programmable Audio, Video and Chat API's also means that you can offer customer-centric solutions by allowing seamless escalation either from conversational AI chatbots to a human agent or from an audio call to a video call with screen share capabilities for swifter understanding of the customer's point of view, reduced complexities and significantly shorter resolution time.

Utilize Skylink MultiParty Call Solutions to enable your agents to seamlessly and swiftly bring a Product Specialist into the call to increase upsell or cross-sell opportunities and record the whole session for training and archival purposes with Skylink Recording Solutions.

From creating unique virtual social shopping opportunities for users by enabling them to invite friends to video experiences that make their buying decisions fun and interactive to empowering Customer Service Agents to be more effective with ease, Temasys is proud to have been part of multiple journeys in the E-Commerce space. With this experience comes a firm understanding of the critical nature of customer centric solutions.

Trusted by leading E-commerce companies across the world for its focus on security and ease of use, Temasys powers thousands of interactions and millions of minutes of audio, video and data sharing every day. To learn more about how Skylink can enhance your Application, contact us today.


Temasys ensures that all transmission of real-time video, audio, and data streams is inherently encrypted and secure.


Temasys does not collect any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or monitor any of the media, user-initiated binary, or conversational data flowing between end-users, the end-user devices, or end-user applications connecting over Temasys infrastructure.

We are fully committed to anonymity in our product and only collect metrics necessary to maintain the platform, identify faults, and improve quality of service and overall performance. None of these metrics include end-user identities.


Designed on the principle of simplicity, Skylink Solutions are compact, lightweight and almost pluggable in their ease of use.

Our comprehensive developer documentation and Knowledge Centre are augmented by Sample Code, Guides, Demos and a nimble 24×7 Support Team, making your integration swift and almost effortless.