SkylinkSDK For Android 0.9.7 Released

Maven Dependency

[code]compile(group: ‘’, name: ‘skylink_sdk’, version: ‘0.9.7-RELEASE’, ext: ‘aar’){transitive = true}[/code]

CDN links

Notable changes



Known Issues

With Skylink Media Relay:

Users with no Audio and no Video for both send and receive configs are not supported:

1.  If a Peer joins a room with NO_AUDIO_NO_VIDEO for both send and receive configs, the Peer will not be able to connect to other Peer
2. This issue does not exist in a normal room (without Skylink Media Relay).
3. Possible workaround is for user to join room with AUDIO_ONLY or VIDEO_ONLY for setAudioVideoReceiveConfig, but mute and not display these streams when they are received.

Android is unable to connect with IOS if IOS is in the room first.
— Possible work around is to have IOS connect to room last when using Skylink Media Relay.

Without Skylink Media Relay:

File transfer does not work fully between Android and Web:
— The only scenario that works is if Android enters the room before Web and receives from Web.

SkylinkConnection API changes:

Skylink Listener changes:

SkylinkConfig API changes:

Sample App

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