17 statistics showing the rise of Virtual meetings in 2021

Reading Time: 7 minutes Remote work has been on the rise. With the growing demand to stay in touch & manage workforces, enterprises are seen heavily investing to use In-app Video conferencing solutions. This trend can be seen in the latest video statistics. VIDEO CALLING & REMOTE WORK STATISTICS As remote work is here to stay, companies are now […]

Create small breakout sessions for interactive and focused conversations

Reading Time: 2 minutes Interacting with students remotely comes with a fair share of trials and errors. Here are some useful tips that all educators should start applying to their classroom today. How to use small breakout rooms? Partner with selective students – For example, A music teacher starts her class with a big group and then provides a […]

Top 3 features to have on mobile applications

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is Real-time Technology and what role does it play for mobile apps today? Real-time technology is nothing but mimicking the behavior of the real world. It is the basic requirement for building mobile applications and no longer an optional feature today. Real-time technology provides data in real-time to the end-users. Mobile app developers spend […]

How is WebRTC the right fit for Enterprises?

Reading Time: 3 minutes The way businesses communicate has shifted from landlines to mobile phones, postal mails to emails, SMS to instant messaging, and closed communication to WebRTC. Today there are unlimited ways to execute business or social engagements. WebRTC is one of the recent and topmost technologies discovered in this context. It is ranked better than closed communication […]

2021 – The year of CPaaS

Reading Time: 4 minutes CPaaS has opened up a door of opportunities for businesses as they interact with customers over voice, video, chat, and social platforms. CPaaS has made this possible by building feasible back-end infrastructure. In the last couple of years, CPaaS has seen huge growth. It was seen during early 2017 roughly 80% of companies had installed […]

What’s the hype around CPaaS?

Reading Time: 5 minutes In our previous blog post, 2021-the year of CPaaS, we discussed the prospects of the CPaaS market and the way this technology provides flexibility and options to customers. In this post, let us understand what’s the reason behind this hype? Explaining the hype This is the right time to utilize CPaaS as a part of […]