Security, Privacy & Anonymity

Secure, Private, and Anonymous

Communicate without risk

Temasys views security as a fundamental requirement of operation for any digital product in the current environment of connected systems and collaborative technologies. The world's companies and the people connected to them are producing information at unprecedented rates, much of it sensitive or private. More so than ever, that information is at risk and must be protected.

Secure by Design

Encryption in all the right places, across all services.

Fully Anonymous and Private Operation

Anonymous connectivity and zero personally identifiable information.

Temasys ranks security factors as a continual top priority. Our team actively pursues activities to keep themselves informed on security best practices and the state of the industry. We routinely make upgrades to our systems to adopt the latest security facilities available as they come into validated, tested, and accepted use, and frequently review and patch our systems to address all security vulnerabilities.

Temasys views that our behavior as a team and as a company directly impacts the security of our product. We understand that human or environmental factors are often the weakest links in the best of security strategies. Our team and our corporate culture reflect that. We continuously evolve our practices to ensure our source-code, our workspaces, and our data is secure.
No security execution is without the potential for exploitation; to that end, our product implementation builds on an unwavering commitment to anonymity at every step. Our customers and their end-users data, media, and conversations are their own. Our statistics are generalized to prevent association with single parties, and we never store our customer's media.

We strive to build the best foundational tools on which our customers can develop their solutions with confidence. We focus on highly-secure communications infrastructure and end-to-end encryption pathways wherever possible to ensure worry-free operation as a trusted communications partner. We believe we have achieved this objective and strive to help our customers meet their respective security objectives and compliance requirements. We also acknowledge that the security of our customer's application is the product of the collective security of the parts, including our own. We actively work with our customers to secure their systems and educate them on best practices in areas both in and outside of the scope of the Temasys product spectrum, including end-user authentication, media storage, and data privacy and sovereignty matters.

Our commitment to excellence extends into our customer lifecycle management efforts to ensure ongoing and repeatable success. Temasys is committed to transparency in all aspects of our customer engagements and believes this behavior is paramount to not only successful customer outcomes but to meaningful, and active protection of the users of the end-product.