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Rapidly Growing WebinarJam Goes WebRTC With Temasys

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Integrates Embedded WebRTC for high-tech Live Event Streaming

Palo Alto & San Diego – March 27, 2017 – Temasys has announced that Genesis Digital, creators of the industry’s rapidly growing premier live event platform, WebinarJam, have integrated Temasys’ embedded real-time communications platform as part of the company’s expanding efforts in the worldwide webinar market.

WebinarJam uses the Temasys platform to power thousands of webinars around the globe, as part of their recently updated JamSession presentation room. As the second largest webinar provider in the world behind GoToWebinar, WebinarJam provides online marketers, educators, sales professionals, consultants, and enterprise customers the most robust online event streaming platform to engage audiences in a live or on demand basis.

The switch to the Temasys platform followed WebinarJam’s decision to maintain its status as a cutting edge developer, adopting WebRTC as a replacement for a Google Hangouts-based solution. The decision was also timely, as Google recently announced plans to discontinue their Hangouts API in April.

WebinarJam’s Temasys-powered JamSession room supports up to 6 live presenters. Unlike most applications that can only show one main presenter’s feed with a small set of thumbnails of other participants, WebinarJam shows all six presenters, neatly arranged, in full motion video. JamSession accomplishes this using Temasys’ platform, following the WebRTC Live Casting standard. This, along with custom layout controls, and an interface to YouTube Live, sets WebinarJam far ahead of other non-WebRTC based solutions.

JamSession webinars can also scale to reach thousands of attendees simultaneously. The webinars are broadcast in a secure, feature-rich and highly interactive webinar presentation room. They take advantage of secure and encrypted audio, video, screen sharing and the data channel found natively in WebRTC.

“WebinarJam is migrating their entire customer base from Hangouts to the Temasys platform in a seamless and invisible manner to their users,” said Temasys CTO Sherwin Sim. “With the switch, WebinarJam is taking advantage of Temasys’ embedded real-time communications that can deliver instant connections to anyone, without any app or download required, in a one hundred percent white labeled environment.”

Users access webinars through web browsers, using a unique URL to attend each live event. The Temasys Platform enables WebinarJam to continue its tradition of requiring no downloads to attend a webinar with viewing all done inside the browser. If the viewer is using Apple’s Safari or Internet Explorer only a quick plugin installation is necessary.  

“Temasys has let WebinarJam reach its full potential. Being able to split-screen six presenters from Tasmania to thousands of attendees worldwide, in high definition, would be miraculous if I didn’t know how many hours of hard work our and Temasys’ team put in to make this a reality,” Genesis Digital’s COO, Gideon Marcus, said.  “Goodbye Google — hello 22nd Century!”

About Temasys

Temasys Communications is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) company with offices in Singapore and Palo Alto, Calif. Temasys provides APIs and SDKs to enable Embedded Real-Time Communications (ERTC) based upon WebRTC, the emerging standard for real-time communications in apps and on the web. Temasys’ industry-leading products include the Temasys Platform and the Temasys WebRTC Plugin for IE and Safari. For more information visit the Temasys website at

About Genesis Digital, LLC

Genesis Digital, LLC is a San Diego based E-Commerce SaaS company serving 30,000+ customers since 2013. For more information on WebinarJam, visit

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