SkylinkJS Web SDK

Real-time communication features made easy

The Temasys SkylinkJS Web SDK is the product of 4 years of exploration, research, and continuous development efforts for painless real-time communications tools.  Developed to be one small, extremely easy-to-use JavaScript library to easily enable your web-app to use encrypted, low-latency audio and video and fully featured data streaming functionality in your existing or up-coming applications or web solutions.

Encrypted, millisecond latency,  audio, video, and data streaming functionality

Supports all major browsers, including IE, Edge, & Safari*

Full cross-platform interoperable with all Skylink SDKs

Simple and intuitive programming interface.

60-Seconds away from real-time interactions in your application.

World’s easiest to use real-time communication feature SDK

Using the Temasys SkylinkJS Web SDK developers of all levels can go from blank canvas to a one-to-one video conferencing solution in as little as 60 seconds. Try the code below and see for yourself.

import Skylink, { SkylinkEventManager, SkylinkLogger, SkylinkConstants } from ''
const config = {
   defaultRoom: 'skylinkRoom'

skylink = new Skylink(config);

SkylinkEventManager.addEventListener(SkylinkConstants.EVENTS.ON_INCOMING_STREAM, (evt) => { 
    const { isSelf, isAudio, isVideo, stream } = evt.detail;
    if (isSelf) { 
    if (isVideo) {
        attachMediaStream(document.getElementById('remote_video'), stream);

    if (isAudio) {
        attachMediaStream(document.getElementById('remote_audio'), stream);

const joinRoomOptions = { audio: true, video: true, }; 

.then((streams) => { 
    attachMediaStream(document.getElementById('local_audio'), streams[0]);
    attachMediaStream(document.getElementById('local_video'), streams[1]); 
<script src=""></script>

<video id="local_video" autoplay muted playsinline></video>
<audio id="local_audio" autoplay muted></audio>

<video id="remote_video" autoplay playsinline></video>
<audio id="remote_audio" autoplay></audio>
video {
  width: 320px;
  height: 240px;
  margin: 20px;

#local_video, #remote_video {
  transform: rotateY(180deg);

#remote_video {
  background-color: #ccc;

What else can I do?

The SkylinkJS Web SDK offers endless possibilities for real-time interaction of all types. With its native media and media device integration as well as an advanced data channel implementation, the sky is the limit. To get you on your way check out our latest documentation or contact our support team for more details.

* Internet Explorer and Safari 10 and older require our Temasys WebRTC Plugin