SkylinkSDK for Android Platform

Powerful Native WebRTC solutions for Android Devices

The Temasys Skylink SDK for Android devices is the product of 4 years of exploration, research, and continuous development efforts for painless real-time communications tools.  Developed to be one small and extremely easy-to-use. The SDK supports native Java applications on the Android platform with Kotlin support on the way allowing your application to use encrypted, low-latency audio and video and advanced data streaming functionality quickly, reliably, and easily.

Encrypted, millisecond latency,  audio, video, and data streaming functionality

Full cross-platform interoperable with all Skylink SDKs

Simple and intuitive programming interface.

Rapid development with reliable and complete functionality that easy to use.

Using the Temasys Skylink SDK for Android developers of all levels can go from blank canvas to a one-to-one video conferencing solution in as little as a few minutes. See our getting started guide  or sample application for details.

Extensive, tested, Android device and operating system release support

What else can I do?

The Skylink SDK for Android offers endless possibilities for real-time interaction of all types. With its native cameras and audio system integration, and sensor access along with an advanced data channel implementation, the sky is the limit. To get you on your way, check out our latest documentation or contact our support team for more details.