Customer Spotlights

For more details of other Temasys customers and their variety of applications of Temasys Technology, please contact the Temasys Sales Team.

Spotlight #1: Video Conferencing – Webinars

WebinarJam says goodbye to Google Hangouts and hello to Temasys Technology

Genesis Digital, creators of the industry’s premier live event platform, WebinarJam, made a great leap toward full separation from Google Hangouts with the public release of their proprietary JamSession Room.

This new Room is an online HD meeting place for Webinar Presenters that completely replaces (and improves upon) Google Hangouts by using Temasys Technology.

Learn more about WebinarJam’s use of Temasys Technology as a replacement to Google Hangouts.

Spotlight #2: Private and Secure Real-Time Interactivity – Telehealth

OnlineCare leverages secure voice, video, data exchange, powered by Temasys

OnlineCare is an innovative healthcare technology startup providing collaborative connected care management by focusing on access, population health management, bundled payments, preventive ED/ER utilization, reductions of readmission, transitional care management, and more, all integrated with medical devices and EMRs, and all made available for use on smartphones.

Temasys powers all real-time communication services offered by OnlineCare. To find out more about OnlineCare, click here.

Spotlight #3:  Softphone Calling – Telecommunications

ShoreTel Connect adds robust “softphone” calling capabilities to any browser

“Temasys was the only provider who had a comprehensive solution,” said Stefan Zschiegner, Vice President of product management at ShoreTel.

“The Temasys implementation team made the integration painless for our developers, and their support team was responsive and knowledgeable. As a result, we are able to bring robust softphone functionality to ShoreTel customers regardless of which browser they choose to use.”

Learn more about ShoreTel’s use of the Temasys Platform.

Spotlight #4: Smart Start Minds and Temasys Build e-Learning WebRTc Infrastructure

Smart Start Minds developed technology to help improve concentration skills in children with ADHD, adults, and high performance athletes.

Temasys provides real-time technology solutions and services through the Skylink WebRTC platform, enabling Smart Start Minds to embed live voice, video and data transfer into their training portal.

Learn more about Smart Start Minds use of Temasys Technology.

Spotlight #5: Live Audio and Video Chat without Flash 

ReadyTalk Chooses the Temasys Plugin to Power Audio and Video for Select Safari and IE Customers

A large percentage of the ReadyTalk user base is still using browsers that do not support WebRTC natively, specifically Microsoft IE11 and older versions of Apple Safari.

When ReadyTalk replaced their Flash client with an HTML5 client, which included moving to WebRTC for delivering the audio and video to the attendees, they chose the Temasys browser plugin to make the transition faster and easier. The Temasys plugin allows IE11 and Safari users to use the new HTML5 client and receive audio and video through the browser without needing Flash.

“Temasys was known in the market for solving the IE11 and Safari WebRTC issue. They have a proven track record and the price was reasonable,” said Samantha Morgan, Senior Product Manager.

Learn more about ReadyTalk use of Temasys Technology.

Spotlight #6: Secure, Anonymous Counseling – TeleHealth – Telemedicine

Big White Wall  Chooses Temasys to Power Video, Audio and Chat for Private, Anonymous Counseling Sessions

Big White Wall is a safe online community of people who are anxious, down or not coping who support and help each other by sharing what’s troubling them, guided by trained professionals.  It’s available 24/7 and is completely anonymous so users can express themselves freely and openly. Professionally trained Wall Guides ensure the safety and anonymity of all members.

Learn more about Big White Wall’s use of Temasys Technology.

Spotlight #7: Live Communications – E-Learning – Remote Education

iTutor is an online tutoring platform that delivers real-time teaching by state-certified teachers. iTutor chose the Temasys WebRTC Plugin to add real-time communication features to IE and Safari browsers.

Spotlight #8: Audio and Text Chat App – Event Management

Temasys powers all real-time audio and text communication in the Tap To Speak app which turns any smartphone into a microphone for use with live audiences. Tap To Speak is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company based in Phoenix Arizona and Lodz Poland. The Tap to Speak app provides a web-based tool through which live event audiences can communicate with event leaders and speakers in real time via their smartphones so actual microphones do not need to be passed around to each speaker or attendee.

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For more details of other Temasys customers and their variety of applications of Temasys Technology, please contact the Temasys Sales Team.