The Temasys Advantage

The Temasys Platform is the world’s easiest-to-use and fastest-to-implement real-time communications platform.

Now any developer can embed live video, voice, text chat, data transfer,
sharing and more into web and mobile applications - in a fraction of the time it would take using any other method.

Why Choose Us?

Businesses and developers choose the Temasys Platform to bring real-time interactive communications to their apps and websites for all these reasons and more:


  • Turn-Key, Efficient, Global Platform
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Highly-Scalable Infrastructure
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • One-Click In-App Customer Engagement
  • No Per-Minute Pricing and No Telcos


  • Robust ERTC Feature Set
  • A SDKs for Web, Android and iOS
  • Fully-Customizable APIs
  • Highly-Reliable Platform Built on AWS
  • Superior Support and Documentation
  • Works with Safari, Chrome, Firefox and IE


“For our contact center customers, omni-channel communications are essential. Appian is working with Temasys to provide contact centers with real-time communication channels such as chat and co-browsing via the Temasys versatile SDKs”
Arturo Oliver Senior Director of Product Strategy at Appian.
“Temasys has let WebinarJam reach its full potential. Being able to split-screen six presenters from Tasmania to thousands of attendees worldwide, in high definition, would be miraculous if I didn’t know how many hours of hard work our and Temasys’s team put in to make this a reality.”
Gideon Marcus COO at Genesis Digital
“We chose Temasys to provide the secure, live video and voice capabilities for neXboard because they have proven track record in this space. Their SDKs helped us quickly develop our proof of concept and deliver a consistent experience across both web and mobile clients. And we can leverage their infrastructure services as we need to scale, very easily and reliably.”
Patrick Hennig CEO at neXenio
“Technology is playing an increasingly vital role in the healthcare industry that we’ve been pioneering with our digital platform for a decade. The implementation of the Temasys platform ensures we provide the best quality service to our members, ensuring world class support and satisfaction."
James de Bathe Commercial Director at Big White Wall

WebRTC Plugin for IE and Safari

Our WebRTC Plugin is a market-leading solution that brings complete, standards-compliant WebRTC functionality to Microsoft Internet Explorer and older versions of Apple Safari browsers.



  • The most widely used solution for bringing WebRTC to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari web browsers.
  • Supports full WebRTC 1.0 specification for audio, video, chat and data-channel.
  • Rigorously tested for seamless compatibility with Chrome, Opera, and Firefox WebRTC implementations.

Download for IE Download for Safari


  • Designed to be platform agnostic and offer nearly drop-in implementation effort.
  • Easily support the plugin in your web-app using SkylinkJS or our AdapterJS browser polyfill.
  • Our AdapterJS polyfill is a drop-in replacement for the one provided by
  • Painless distribution of the installer via our CDN.


  • Complete documentation, working examples, and world-class customer support.
  • Aggressively maintained with frequent release cycle.
  • Committed to supporting the free version of our plugin, indefinitely.
  • Compatibility Details and Technical FAQs.

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