WebRTC Plugin

Bring Your WebRTC Apps to Life with The Temasys Plugin:

The Temasys WebRTC Plugin is the leading solution to bring standard compliant WebRTC functionality to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari* old desktop browsers.

Commercial Licenses for The WebRTC Plugin

Commercial features

  • Support for custom branding and messaging within the plugin installer.
  • HTTP Proxy support.
  • Screen-sharing support.
  • Support for H.264 video codec available; support for other codecs may be available upon request.
  • Feature management options for automatic updates and other security mechanisms.

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*With the release of the latest version of Safari, Safari 12, Apple has decided to remove support for third party NPAPI plugins in Safari. This means that third party plugins, including the Temasys WebRTC Plugin for Safari, will no longer work with the new version(s) of Apple Safari. Safari versions prior to Safari 12 can continue to use the Temasys WebRTC Plugin as detailed here.