Meet our Leadership Team


Tim Bell

Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer

Over 25+ years of working in General Management, HR & Software SaaS Sales leadership. Tim has extensive experience in business expansion in Europe, Russia, India, Asia & Emerging markets.  Fostering fun & faced paced Cultures has been a key successful ingredient, as well as developing an open learning & development environment for Team Members to grow & thrive.


Nathaniel Currier

Chief Technology Officer

Nat brings more than 24 years of experience of experience in technical product engineering, high-performance cloud solutions, and digital media experience to the Temasys team. He has worked with leading brands including JP Morgan Chase & Co, Marriott international, Verizon, Samsung, and Nokia to deliver large-scale digital products and innovative technical solutions.



Director of Engineering

J.O. is a long-standing member of the Temasys team and leads our core product, engineering group. A world-leading WebRTC expert, he is both the author and primary maintainer of the first and to-date only fully functional WebRTC plugin, a product bringing  WebRTC technology to both Internet Explorer and older Safari browsers.

Driven by building complex and elegant systems, J.O.’s contributions touch every component of the Temasys ecosystem, from media servers and architecture to client SDKs. J.O. has demonstrated his extensive WebRTC prowess internationally at conferences and leading technology events

pic LA

Lidy Ang

Head of Finance

Over 20+ years of working in Accounting & Finance. Lidy has extensive experience in cash flow management, taxes & investor funding. She was a part of Philips electronics, SIAC and Herbal health international to name a few.