Marseco to Transform Recruitment with WebRTC

Posted On January 12, 2017 by Chip Wilcox in News, Verticals

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by Maurice Nagle

WebRTC platforms are enabling a new generation of communications applications, which are making their mark across the spectrum of industry. From the contact center to the c-suite, at the click of a button video or voice communication is initiated, and off to the races we go. Customer facing components of a business get much attention, but what about the hiring process, and employing this burgeoning technology to transform recruitment?

Leveraging the Temasys platform and plug-in, Swiss company Marseco GmbH developed vYou. vYou empowers employers to expediently recruit and interview candidates via WebRTC.

“From the job vacancy, through the selection of the applicants to the interview, vYou makes the hiring process completely digital and works on all mobile devices without any media interruptions,” said Ramiz Zeneli, CEO of Marseco.

Candidates are selected for either “online vYou” or “timeshifted vYou” interviews. For an HR manager selecting “online vYou,” they are able to easily initiate a secure video interview session with the applicant. Alternatively, “timeshifted vYou” is a video recorded by candidates, which answers a number of questions provided by the employer that can internally be shared for review. Recruiters can then bookmark certain responses within the video in addition to securely saving notes to look back on and discuss at a later time.

Candidates have the capability to create a profile on the WebRTC platform where diplomas, cover letters and other pertinent data can be saved. From the portal, applicants can submit and keep tabs on an application’s status.

“The traditional recruiting system is broken. By taking advantage of Temasys’ ERTC we have implemented a platform that alleviates this troublesome process for both recruiters and applicants,” said Visar Shehu, Project Manager at Marseco. “Temasys has been extremely helpful by providing early access to their APIs, as well as having our questions answered in a timely fashion. In the end, we were able to go to market with vYou much quicker than we anticipated.”

By developing vYou, Marseco is embracing the real time revolution at hand. Communication applications are evolving, and, for recruiters, the wider net they can cast, the bigger fish they can catch – i.e. the best candidate. Picking the proper person to fill a role is at times a daunting task, but fret not, WebRTC is here to help.

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