Increase revenue and reduce cost with millisecond precision. Friction-free tools for instant communication.

Increase revenue and reduce cost with millisecond precision

Next-generation tools for friction-free communication to drive real-time customer engagement

It’s 2018.  Your customers expect instant answers and seamless functionality. Temasys real-time communications solutions fast-track your application and your business where it matters most, allowing you to drive real-time customer engagement. Real-time communications tools have become an integral part of our daily lives. The problem is that they are all different and none deliver a positive continuous experience.

Temasys solves this with tools that break down the barriers between you and your customers, with truly integrated options for seamless, friction-free real-time functionality, embedded directly in your applications, web properties, or mobile solutions.

Regain The 66%

Satisfied Customers

Customer engagement begins and ends with customer satisfaction. Nothing impacts overall satisfaction more than wasted time and miscommunication. Poor customer service experiences result in as much as 66% loss in repeat customer business. Temasys solutions solve this by enabling direct and immediate interaction.

Increased Transaction Success

Real-time communications increases customer satisfaction and employee efficiency, while decreasing transaction drop-off percentages and overall error rates. Improving transactional communication between your employees and the customer means big wins for the bottom line.

Transaction Success

Reduce Costs Cross Platform

Freedom To Reduce Cost

Temasys solutions work on the commodity hardware that you and your customers already have. No specialized proprietary devices, no regional dead-zones, no per-minute costs, and no restrictive, per-seat, per-port, or per-box licensing. Temasys provides a fully managed, cloud-based solution. That means no servers to install and maintain, no IT staff in waiting, and no costly idle resources.

Go Global in Minutes

Temasys provides mission-critical application ready solutions the world over. Enable your employees to engage customers, and team members from anywhere internet connectivity is within reach. No international phone calls no third-party software without oversight, no missed opportunities.

Go Global In Minutes

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