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Importance of IE today

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Internet Explorer has lost its importance in our lives, but it will take at least another half a decade for it to be truly gone.
IE has been pronounced dead for quite some time now to the extent that people have completely disregarded it. It might be acceptable for consumer apps, but many professionals and corporations still depend on IE for their day to day operations.
As of November 30, 2020, Microsoft teams will no longer support Internet Explorer. Yet they will still maintain support for M365 on IE 11 for another 9 months. Microsoft wants IE out, we all want IE out of the way. Despite this, Microsoft recognizes that IE will still remain in use for corporate environments. We need to recognize it too.
10 years ago, IE covered 50% of browser usage. Today it has gone down to 2%. Looks like it will disappear momentarily? Doesn’t it? In reality, IE’s market share is following a nice, clean, inverse log curve. That means it’s likely to remain in this 1% range for a long, long time. To this day we still hear about COBOL being used in the backend of banks right? IE too would be used in the same way.
Temasys is committed to supporting our corporate partners, and that’s why we’ll maintain support for our WebRTC plugin for Internet Explorer for the foreseeable future until we live in a brighter world where IE truly is no more.

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