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How is WebRTC the right fit for Enterprises?

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The way businesses communicate has shifted from landlines to mobile phones, postal mails to emails, SMS to instant messaging, and closed communication to WebRTC. Today there are unlimited ways to execute business or social engagements. WebRTC is one of the recent and topmost technologies discovered in this context. It is ranked better than closed communication tools.  In fact, it has revolutionized enterprises.

WebRTC is a free, open-source project that allows users to communicate with audio, video, and file sharing.  Drafted by W3C and supported by Google. All its applications are plugin independent and can be accessed with the help of JavaScript API, allowing developers to come up with their own version of Webapps.

What makes WebRTC better than closed online communication?

Rational and Secure architecture

In terms of logic. WebRTC archetype is better than the flash plugin. It has been proved to offer better stability and security to browsers against any cyber attack. Moreover, the secure RTP protocol encrypts and authenticate video and audio connections. WebRTC is the most secure communication technology, compared to all its counterparts.

Platform independence

Peers can communicate on a WebRTC enabled browser, without any operating system or computing device. This is done by implementing IETF protocols, and W3C APIs. HTML5 code is usually written to run WebRTC on multiple devices.

Supports all Media types

WebRTC supports all the media types regardless of the size, format, and network condition. This plays a role in increasing the quality of the media and bandwidth in communication.

Why should you choose us to build your platform?

We use LibWebRTC for both our APIs and SDKs (c++ implementation of the WebRTC APIs). In addition to that, we run backend services and APIs to manage to get

  • Ease of implementation
  • No application server component necessary for the customer (client-side only)
  • Support and Access to professional services
  • Availability of the customer-driven feature requests
  • Global performance

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