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How is telemedicine transforming the healthcare system?

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Telemedicine is a medium to access healthcare remotely through digital devices such as laptops or mobiles. It is highly beneficial to both patients and healthcare professionals. Research suggests that ” Over the next five years, consumers expect to make greater use of virtual healthcare opportunities’ – Bain & Company.

Telemedicine apps are great to monitor patients, detect symptoms at an early stage, and even work for severe medical conditions. Thanks to video solutions today, healthcare professionals are able to assess if the patient requires treatment in person. It is not only useful in times of social distancing but also works quite well for conducting mental or physiotherapy sessions.

To help you transform your Telemedicine apps, our Skylink solutions/video APIs allow you and your patients to interact better with video on your platform. Download prescriptions, record sessions, and monitor your patients’ health wherever you are. Temasys is a leading CPaaS solutions provider, powering thousands of interactions every day with Video, Voice & data-sharing.

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