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Goodnight Says Hello to WebRTC with Temasys

Posted On May 31, 2017 by Chip Wilcox in Media, News, Press Releases

Anonymous calling/social app lets you call and talk with someone close to you for free

Taipei and Singapore – May 30, 2017 – Taiwan-based Goodnight, Paktor’s popular voice-based dating and social app that provides anonymous audio calling to over eight hundred thousand users, has chosen Temasys’ embedded real-time communications platform to power its voice calling service.

Goodnight is the iOS and Android mobile meetup application that is sweeping its way across Asia. With Goodnight, people can quickly find someone nearby to say “Goodnight” to using only voice, eliminating the reliance on photos or text chat to start friendships or relationships.

Goodnight chose Temasys to replace a previous WebRTC solution, to ensure more robust and scalable service that enhances the Goodnight user experience and improves service delivery.

Temasys Goodnight WebRTC
Goodnight is a mobile application that allows people to quickly find someone nearby to say “Goodnight” to using only voice, eliminating the reliance on photos or text chat to start friendships or relationships. (PRNewsfoto/Temasys)

Launched in 2015, the Goodnight app offers a unique method for making new friends or finding romantic interests, by focusing on the use of real-time voice interactions instead of photos or text-based profiles.

Meeting new people with Goodnight is easy, straightforward and fun. Goodnight offers quick, anonymous and secure person-to-person calling, without the need to use any other service such as Facebook or Twitter for authentication and verification.

Goodnight goes beyond being a typical “social dating app.” Goodnight’s cross-border, multi-cultural WebRTC based voice service also helps people find others who can help them learn a new language. Goodnight users can also participate in community forums to exchange views about the service or to ask and answer questions about it.

“Our previous WebRTC suppliers were unable to scale with us the way Temasys has,” said Howard Yang, Goodnight Co-Founder & CEO. “As we grew, we found that our previous supplier couldn’t keep up with that growth, nor could they handle the increasingly heavy traffic and simultaneous sessions we experienced. The switch to Temasys has helped us easily meet those challenges, and support our recent explosive growth, very well.”

Another unique feature of Goodnight is that it only works at specific times each day, seven nights a week, between the hours of 10:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. During these hours, users can search for people near and far to meet. Once connected, users can speak with each other for up to seven minutes, for free. After seven minutes, a conversation can continue with the purchase of a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription using either an Apple iTunes or Google Play account for payment.

“Goodnight’s elimination of photos or text messaging to meet someone is a fantastic example of how innovative companies are using the Temasys platform to bring people closer together,” said Chip Wilcox, Chief Product Officer for Temasys. “Goodnight’s voice-only approach eliminates bias and judgment based on looks alone. People can choose someone to talk with solely based on the sound or tone of the other person’s voice. From there, they can begin a conversation, sharing their thoughts as they get to know each other better and choose to extend the experience based on a more personal real-time experience.”

In August 2016, Paktor, the leading Southeast Asian provider of social networking platforms acquired Goodnight. Following the acquisition, Goodnight became a part of Paktor Labs, an experimental, fast-paced lab that works on innovative projects, to foster growth opportunities for new and acquired businesses. Since its acquisition by Paktor, Goodnight revenues have risen by 500 percent, and new user registrations increased by 300 percent.

About Temasys

Temasys is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) company based in Palo Alto USA, and Singapore. The Temasys Platform for Embedded Real-Time Communications (ERTC) empowers business application developers to easily integrate voice, video, chat and data transfer into any app, on any device, at any scale. Temasys bridges the gap between pure open source WebRTC and a complete, enterprise-grade, carrier-compliant solution, with easy-to-use APIs and SDKs, exceptional documentation, superior scalability and reliability, and amazing customer support. For more information visit us at www.temasys.io.

About Paktor

Paktor’s mission is to connect singles in Asia through technology-enabled platforms. Paktor has grown into a leading multi-social entertainment network Company in Asia, with assets in dating, social networking, video live streaming and media sharing. Headquartered in Singapore, Paktor has a presence in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand. Paktor has over 7 million users and has successfully made over 20 million matches. Paktor is backed by institutional investors like Vertex Ventures (a subsidiary of Temasek), Majuven, Convergence Ventures, Infinity Venture Partners and Yahoo! Japan.


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For Goodnight:
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