Get live audio, video, messaging and co-browsing in any Appian application

Posted On January 28, 2019 by Yasmin Diyana in Blog

Is there anything more frustrating for a customer support agent than trying to explain where a link is on a web page, or how to move a cursor to the correct field in a form? No wonder customers keep raising the bar and demanding personalized, quicker and more accurate support. In these situations, a common visual experience can make a huge difference.

In October 2018, Temasys launched the Temasys Real-Time Communications Component for Appian in the Appian AppMarket to allow anyone to embed real-time co-browsing, live messaging, audio and video calling inside any Appian application.

Temasys’s co-browsing feature gives agents a real-time view of exactly what the customer is seeing—the same screen, the same cursor, the same blinking error message. Instead of guessing, the help-desk agent can instruct the customer to “move your cursor up and to the right, then right-click on the yellow box.” While it may seem like a small thing, co-browsing delivers measurable results:

With Temasys’s real-time communication features, customers are able to visit a website and begin a chat session that seamlessly escalates to a voice or video call, and extends to co-browsing—all without changing a channel or establishing a new connection.

Temasys is an Appian Technology partner. We are the leading provider of real-time communications technology and services. We’ve mastered the complexities of building and scaling infrastructure to support global communications services—so you can take care of your customers.

Contact us now to get started! We are thrilled to work with you to enhance your customer interactions in the Appian platform.

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