World at your fingertips, ERTC, Real-time Art, Education

Put the World At Your Fingertips with ERTC

Posted On May 30, 2017 by Chip Wilcox in Blog, Media, Verticals

Make Use of ERTC in Real-Time Art, Education

As we wait for the Internet of Things (IoT), and its projected billions of connected devices, expected to drive exponential revenue growth to revolutionize the way we live, this maturing technology arena offers up some interesting use cases for real-time communications, and brings attention to important issues along the way, as well.

Brian House is an artist that uses the rhythms of technology and bodies as his muse. House’s most recent installation, Animas, however, is putting real-time communications to work in the name of climate change and the environment.

World at your fingertips, ERTC, Real-time Art, Education


Animas is made up of 4 metal sheets (lead, copper, aluminum, and iron-oxidized steel), each attached to an audio transducer and microphone, and which exists at levels above EPA tolerances in the Animas River in California. These sheets then transmit data received in real-time from the Animas River into sound. Amplifiers influence sound quality, and as the river flows and the measured levels of these metals in the water change so does the sound.

Animas drives awareness of an environmental issue. It hints at another arena where real-time communications can play a major role: Education.

Imagine sitting in a classroom while your professor lectures on the animals of the Congo. Along with the spoken words, a WebRTC-enabled live video feed takes you deep into the heart of the jungle in a real-time immersion that Jane Goodall might even be proud of.

Perhaps you get up close with a family of chimpanzees through cameras placed around their territory. The cameras go “live” as the animals move throughout the area. When they’re active you get to see things in real-time. Other times you may see a pre-recorded video feed and a list of the times that the real-time feed is likely to be active, based upon previous sightings. Either way, an exciting field trip is just a browser visit away, to enhance a lesson in the conservation of endangered species.

Like House’s Animas, learning comes to life with the power of real-time. The real-time revolution will transform our world, and there is a huge opportunity for innovation through the use of WebRTC.

Whether it’s blurring the line between art and science, or reinvigorating education by taking a class halfway around the world with the click of the mouse, real-time communications is about far more than just “video chat.”

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