End of Support for Temasys WebRTC Plugin on Safari 12 and onwards

Posted On October 3, 2018 by Kai Leng Ang in Blog, Media

With the release of Safari 12, Apple has discontinued support for third-party NPAPI plugins. This means that third party plugins, including the Temasys WebRTC Plugin for Safari, will no longer work with the new version(s) of Apple Safari.

Temasys has taken the following steps to ensure that we are as compatible as possible with the new version of Safari:

  1. We have released a new version of AdapterJS that overrides Safari’s native implementation where possible, and leaves the native implementation untouched otherwise. You can read more about using the Temasys WebRTC Plugin with Safari 11  here.
  2. We will continue to ensure that Temasys AdapterJS remains up to date with Google’s version of webrtc-adapter.

Questions and Answers

Are there any exceptions to this decision by Apple?

What happens from the end user’s perspective?

What you may need to do.

Is Apple adding any sort of plugin support to Safari, in any fashion?

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