A Chat With Temasys CMO on Embedded Real-Time Communications

Posted On February 2, 2017 by Andy Abramson in Blog

It is difficult for Temasys CMO Chip Wilcox to contain his excitement when asked about the future of WebRTC. He wouldn’t mind if the term itself went away entirely, he says, but is nonetheless ecstatic that the technology has arrived and that people are really starting to grasp what WebRTC can enable—and how embedded real-time communications in apps helps businesses better engage with their customers.

In this conversation, Chip Wilcox addresses how businesses take advantage of WebRTC today, what’s new with Temasys and where he sees WebRTC heading in the future.

Where has WebRTC been seen to be particularly effective so far?

Companies in the healthcare industry are particularly interested in WebRTC-powered solutions. Digital Noema Telehealth is one such example. The company sells a clinic management suite that bridges the gap between convenience and compliance for telemedicine and telehealth. We helped them bring embedded real-time communications into their ERP for healthcare clinics. It stores and secures medical information, and helps them manage their patients’ medical records and appointment schedules. It even helps with managing the clinic’s public-facing website.

Now, with Temasys technology, the company enables patients to attend to doctor’s appointments in virtual waiting rooms and to meet with doctors remotely. During these video powered appointments, doctors can share patient records quickly and securely, and even bring specialists or the patients’ family members into multiparty video calls.

What appeals to your customers about Temasys’ real-time communications solutions?

The answer is simple. In regards to Digital Noema Telehealth, our solution was 50 times more affordable and 100 times better than competitors. This is because communications capabilities are built directly into the workflow. Maybe those aren’t exact multiples of numbers, but typically, a business has to be as large as Cigna to afford a full-featured solution like this. And it takes a very long time to implement with legacy video technologies. Convenient, quick integration is also a fundamental consideration for organizations that can’t afford downtime. Digital Noema Telehealth, for instance, was able to implement the Temasys API in roughly two weeks. The entire solution was up and running in less than a month.

What is the most important thing Temasys provides for customers?

For all the benefits, ultimately it comes down to peace of mind. Our customers have plenty to deal with as it is. They’re usually not in the business of building and managing audio or video communications apps, even if those features are critical to their success as a business.

The Temasys solution is easy to use; it’s massively scalable; it functions across desktop and mobile environments; we support any operating system; and we make it work even with browsers that don’t support WebRTC, natively.

As an industry-leading PaaS provider, Temasys can provide real-time communications end-to-end and go-to-market strategies that let our customers focus on their expertise in a given industry, and the vital roles they fill within their own organizations. The real-time communications capabilities they embed into their apps are made reliable, stable and scalable by Temasys, and we’re seeing that this is a game changer for many of our customers.

What’s next on the horizon for Temasys?

We were founded in Singapore. We recently opened our first office in the United States, in Palo Alto, California. Our staff is going to double within the next year. We continue to build depth in our engineering and product team. However, we’re more focused on expanding our customer base and that means building up our sales and marketing, and customer support teams. This will help us continue to provide exceptional customer support while still pushing the envelope with cutting edge solutions.

To learn more about how your business can benefit from real-time communications, click here.


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