DNV GL RoadShow

Posted On December 11, 2018 by Yasmin Diyana in Blog

Temasys had a wonderful session in Singapore at DNV GL’s Veracity World Tour, where analytics providers, key business owners, and tech leaders from the maritime, oil and gas, and energy sectors shared their thoughts on new opportunities and challenges within their digital transformation journey.

On Day 1, Microsoft, Avanade, and Cisco described business opportunities in industry ecosystems and how to unlock the value in data, from sensor data to analytics. Temasys was invited to present the concept of enabling real-time communication, and the potential and advantages of adding live audio, video, and data sharing into a multi-solution world.

At a facilitated afternoon workshop, DNV GL took a deep dive into its industrial data platform, Veracity. You may be wondering, what is Veracity? Basically it acts as a safe big-data management ecosystem  where users can store data and access analytical tools or other standalone digital services applying to an array of industries. In the excellent engagement session that followed, attendees ideated and brainstormed challenges and opportunities on data sharing, platform business, and fast innovation.

Day 2—Veracity Developer Day—brought more exciting themes. Key topics included security within the Veracity ecosystem and an end-to-end demonstration to help developers understand the efficiency of application development, easy data management, and data sharing across organizations, driving business innovation and digital transformation.

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