Digital Noema Telehealth Chooses Temasys Embedded Real-Time Communications

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First-of-a-Kind Telemedicine Solution Incorporates Multiple Capabilities of the Temasys Platform

Brooklyn, New York and Palo Alto, Calif., September 21, 2016 – Telemedicine startup Digital Noema Telehealth (DN Telehealth) announced the integration of the Temasys Embedded Real-Time Communications WebRTC platform with DN Telehealth’s white label telemedicine solutions. DN Telehealth makes extensive use of Temasys’ secure messaging, screen sharing, and archiving capabilities by creating a unique healthcare delivery offering with many value-added features.

Already in use by 13 customers, the DN Telehealth platform is a first-of-its-kind, full spectrum solution where a single platform offers the convenience of telemedicine within the context of a fully integrated clinic management, care coordination, and Remote Patient Monitoring. DN Telehealth accomplishes this by connecting to more than 260 available medical devices and being accessible to core health care providers that make up the ecosystem.

“Our Embedded Real-Time Communication (ERTC) technology fills a significant void in the healthcare industry which has existed up until today. That missing piece was the ability to manage episodes of care in an end-to-end manner, all within a single system while meeting all the compliance requirements that surround virtual patient care,” says Bent Rye, CEO of Temasys. “With Digital Noema’s use of our technology, that hurdle has been overcome.”

DN Telehealth maximizes collaboration compatibility for its clients and their patients, in real-time, extending consultations beyond a physical clinical setting to include fully secure, web browser-based conferencing sessions in which the patient, clinicians, and other caregivers can all participate in the care of a particular patient, in a fully HIPAA-compliant online environment. The DN Telehealth solution works on iOS and Android mobile devices, and on all major desktop web browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari (thanks to the Temasys WebRTC Plugin).

“We are now in a place where a proverbial ‘box’ has been removed, allowing for innovation in healthcare delivery to thrive,” said Roque Espinal-Valdez, founder, and CEO of DN Telehealth. “Thanks to the far-reaching functionality provided by the Temasys SDKs, our platform now uses the latest real-time audio and video technology paired with our own rich application that is perfect for healthcare; from the ability to conference clinicians and caregivers in to an appointment to the convenience of securely sharing a medical record and having clinicians annotate it in real-time.”

“More than technology and disruptive innovation, Temasys has allowed us to develop our vision to bring forth interoperability, as well as to help create a much more complete healthcare system in which these systems work together for the benefit of patients,” continued Espinal-Valdez.

Customers using Digital Noema’s solution include Elite Patient Care, a leader in post-acute and transitional care services, and Armored Telehealth, which services patients in correctional healthcare facilities and home health agencies across Texas.

“Digital Noema provides us with the vital link to remotely deliver care to the vastly underserved and rapidly growing elderly population. We’re doing this in a seamless and elegant manner as a result of the integration of the real-time telemedicine platform, that’s accessible from any platform or device,” said Dr. Antonio Gamboa, CEO and Managing Partner of Elite Patient Care.

“Armored Telehealth’s work with Digital Noema has allowed us to deploy their unique platform and make use of its embedded real-time communications capabilities. This has provided Armored the greatest flexibility to pursue opportunities in a variety of markets ranging from correctional facilities to home healthcare agencies,” said Jeremy D. Vernon, Managing Partner for Armored Telehealth.

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About Digital Noema (DN) Telehealth

DN Telehealth is one of the highest quality service providers of telemedicine/telehealth white label solutions specializing in Managed Care (MCO, MSO), Private & Specialty Practices, (PCP, Medical Tourism, Diaspora Med), Post-Acute Care (IPRs, SNFs, ALFs, and ILFs), and Remote Patient Monitoring.

About Temasys

Temasys Communications is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) company with offices in Singapore and Palo Alto, Calif., providing APIs and SDKs to enable Embedded Real-Time Communications (ERTC) based upon WebRTC, the emerging standard for real-time communications in apps and on the web. Temasys’ industry-leading products include the Temasys Platform and the Temasys WebRTC Plugin for IE and Safari. For more information visit the Temasys website at

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