DevsWorld: Temasys Makes Big Announcements at All About the API

Posted On July 21, 2016 by Chip Wilcox in Ecosystem, News, Verticals

There’s a lot of big news coming out of the All About The API event in Las Vegas this week. Yesterday, Temasys continued the trend of exciting news by announcing the general availability of the Skylink Platform. The Skylink Platform will give developers access to several improvements as well as a vast assortment of APIs, SDKs and tools to power the next generation of real-time communications within apps and web services.

Sherwin Sim, CTO for Temasys commented on the release: “Over the past ten months we have introduced major updates to our services, APIs, and SDKs while Skylink services were in Public Beta.” He continued on to say, “The evolution from beta to general availability of the Skylink family of products brings with it enhancements to stability, scalability, and improved ease of use and developer experience across the board. These changes, driven by feedback from our active community of customers, address real-world use cases that are reaching end-users on a global market.”

As Sim stated, there have been various enhancements made to APIs, SDKs and overall Skylink services. Let’s take a look at some of these innovative improvements.

Skylink Linux and Evice SDK- A new SDK for Linux and *nix embedded systems are now in private beta. With this addition, developers of smart IoT, wearbles and robotics applications based on Linux can now add real-time communications to connect to other mobile and web clients. The new SDK also allows for server-side automation of Skylink sessions and offline media injection.

Skylink Screen-sharing Renegotiation- Skylink added better support for screen sharing and session renegotiation. This was initially developed for the FrinTech market, but Skylink now supports several screen-sharing capabilities with start/stop capabilities and stability improvements for this popular feature.

Skylink SIPConnect- This feature is available in private beta and helps applications built with Skylink to interoperate with existing Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)- based services. This increases the backward compatibility between WebRTC, legacy VoIP and messaging technologies.

For the full list of new features announced at the All About The API event, you can check out the official statement HERE.

Bent Rye, CEO of Temasys, spoke on the importance of these new features and what they say about Temasys by saying, “With all of these additions Skylink is achieving its goal of offering a full-stack solution for real-time communications, backed by a team that has been in WebRTC since its start.” Rye went on to say, “The new functionality and the dramatic advances Temasys has made over the past year reflects both our commitment to our technology and to the customers who are turning to us for our industry leading technology and our team’s deep expertise.”

The full article from DevsWorld is available HERE.

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