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Thousands of developers, product-owners, content creators, and UX experts use Temasys products to enable real-time communications features for their mobile apps and websites. Keep reading to find out why.

Questions and Answers from the Experts

We work hard to make the Temasys Platform and SDKs the most painless way to bring real-time communication features to your projects. That being said, writing an app can be complex, and the variables from one app to another are many. Every so often, you might run across an issue. We understand that. Temasys actively participates in a number of channels for seeking other developers using our products and our own engineering team. Take the opportunity to ask questions and find answers from those who know the products best.

Where to start

Temasys Knowledge Centre

Visit our knowledge center for pre-existing solutions to issues. We add new content and answers to common questions every day. This is a great place to look for Temasys SDK, API, Infrastructure and general WebRTC support!

Temasys Support Tickets

Still not able to find what you’re looking for? Contact us and raise a new support ticket by emailing us at

External Resources and Social Media

While the fastest way to get help related to Temasys products is through our support portal, we also monitor channels on, where you can tag any post on these channels with the product name (#skylinkjs#skylinksdk#adapterjs#webrtcplugin or simply#skylink). That makes it easy for us to find you!

We also monitor RedditGithubMediumTwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn. We often post articles and answer questions related to WebRTC, Real-Time Communications APIs and services, as well as Temasys products.

We’d love to add you as a follower. Click on the links for each of our social media services and join the Temasys community!

Maybe it’s us, and not you!

We try very hard to ensure our APIs, SDKs, and other services are bug-free. However, we occasionally miss something. There are a couple of things you can do to help us help you in these situations.

Check the support portal and our blog for any announcements about planned maintenance or outages, or up-to-date information on the latest releases of our SDKs and services.

If you encounter something that seems broken or identify an issue that you simply cannot reconcile on your own, please let us know! We will fix it as soon as we can. You can always reach out to us via email or our support portal.

For projects maintained in Github, we also keep track of issues raised there.

Interested in Contributing to Temasys Open Source?

We publish some our projects as open-source. If you come across an error and want to submit a fix, we are always open to community contributions. Use pull requests for projects on Github, or open a support ticket. We will review your request and see if and when we can accept your contribution. We may not be able to accept every submission. However, we truly appreciate and look forward to working with our user community to improve our products.