Create an Account and Generate an App Key

This document is designed to help you start using the Skylink SDKs for Web, Android, and iOS.

Step 1: Create an Account on the Temasys Console 

The first step to getting started is to create an account on the Temasys Console here:

Use the Temasys Console to create an App Profile and get an App Key. Once you create an account, you will receive a verification email.

Click the link in the verification email, and then log into the Temasys Console to let the fun begin.

Step 2: Create an App Profile

Once you’ve logged into the Temasys Console, choose Manage Apps. Here you will see the Create App form where you can create your App Profile.

Add your Application’s name, brief description, related website, the category and how many users you expect to be using your app.

Click Create.

Step 3: Select the Free Billing Option

You’ll see a Billing screen with two options.

Whichever billing plan you select, you will have at least 30 days of a Free trial while you’re creating and testing your app.

Click Subscribe to confirm your billing option.

Once you’re ready to roll-out your app, you may want to come back to this screen and select the option that best fits your needs.

Step 4: Get an App Key

Choose Manage Apps on the Console and select the App for which you would like to create a Key.

Click on the + icon or the CLICK HERE TO CREATE ONE link.

Add your Key’s name, brief description, platform, related website, the category, how many users you expect to be using your app and configure your CORS URL and other Key Settings as required.

Click Create.