Management Team

Temasys has assembled a leadership team hailing from all reaches of the globe. As a company focused on quality and performance in all aspects of its product and business, our leadership team is no exception.

Nathaniel Currier

General Manager & Chief Technology Officer

A member of the Temasys team since late 2013, Nat is technologist and creative at heart. He brings 22+ years of high-end product development, network infrastructure, and cloud computing experience to Temasys.

He has been a technology and digital transformation enabler for some of the world’s largest and most prominent brands in areas such as enterprise-grade cloud-native product implementation, digital media development and delivery, and customer experience solutions.

Nathaniel has worked with many top-tier brands, creative agencies, and software vendors across the globe including Dentsu McGarry Bowen, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Verizon, Marriott International, Nokia, Google, General Motors, RedBull, Spotify, Samsung, Sharp, LG, Hankook, NFL, and Viacom.

Sherwin Sim

VP Technical Partnerships

Sherwin has 10+ years experience with deep expertise in voice & video over IP, enterprise & mobile product development, and agile software development processes. He is the former CTO of Magor, and has held development and leadership roles at CounterPath Corporation, MKC Networks.

Theodor Preststulen

Strategic Sales Solutions

Currently also the CEO of Mavisoft, experts in cutting edge Machine Vision Solutions for Industrial Applications, Teddy combines his experience in Shipping / Logistics Operations and Engineering, with expertise in real time digital interactions and artificial intelligence and to provide Temasys with vertical and technology specific insights, as well as coverage of European Sales and Partnerships.