About Us

Temasys Communications is a leading provider of real-time communications technology.

Temasys develops the Skylink WebRTC Platform.  It provides a secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure that makes it easy for iOS, Android and Web developers to embed live video, voice, text chat, file transfer, screen sharing and more – into applications and websites.

Temasys helps developers eliminate the complexities of building out the infrastructure to support global communications via any device or browser – allowing faster delivery of higher quality apps and services – that just work.

Developers start via the Temasys Console for access to free SDKs, easy-to-use APIs and thorough documentation.

Temasys also helps bring WebRTC to Microsoft Internet Explorer and older versions of Apple Safari desktop browsers via its best in class WebRTC Plugin.

Temasys is an active and working member of both the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). The W3C and IETF provide an implementation of the WebRTC standard used by Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera (web browser).

Temasys has offices around the world, including headquarters in Palo Alto, USA and Singapore.