Another Great Temasys Appearance at Appian World 2019

Posted On May 17, 2019 by Alex Macdonald in Blog, Events

For the 2nd year in a row we’ve represented our Skylink Real-Time Communications Component at Appian World, the annual 3-day low code platform event taking place this year in beautiful San Diego, California.

Every year, Appian developers, partners, clients, users, and employees gather to discuss upcoming trends, view demonstrations, and learn how to become agents of change in the dynamic, low-code Appian Platform. At Appian World there are always great sessions led by dynamic practitioners about how to optimize your experience with Appian.

This year’s topics included:

Temasys got a high quality mention during the General Session on the second day by Director of Product at Appian, Jorge Sanchez,who gave an Appian product update and talked about how teams at Appian and Temasys brought the then-beta Integration SDK on a test-run by using it to put together the new Temasys Component Plug-in.

Sanchez explained that “[Temasys] built prototypes; and they gave us a lot of feedback, and we made sure that we were going to be able to have co-browsing capabilities, video conferencing capabilities [in your Appian application]… Hey, you want to build video conferencing? Go at it. You want to make sure you have the capabilities to co-browse? Perfect. Today you can deploy that into your systems.”

Temasys CEO Bent Rye summed up the Appian World event, “We had a chance to show off the Temasys solutions that bring real time interactive voice, video, data, and co-browsing into the Appian Environment. We are now fully certified. [Our solution] is a drag and drop SAIL component and we are ready for big time scaling.”

Bent continued, “We had a chance to meet many Appian customers and partners over the last couple of days. Many of them were quite surprised that this type of functionality was available on the Appian Platform. They saw the value add and we saw a lot of interest from customers and partners. For us, it’s been a great event.”

The Integration SDK is generally available from Appian 19.1 onwards, and allows developers to easily build plug-ins that integrate their own applications and services into the Appian ecosystem — a win-win both for developers and users looking to do more with the platform.

Developers can use the Integration SDK to quickly develop solutions for enterprises that are easy to deploy and get started with through the Appian platform, allowing their users to drive high value change in their organisation. In our case, the Skylink Real-Time Communications Component allows users to drag and drop co-browsing, chat, audio, and video calls into their applications, making it simple for users to design in-context real-time communication experiences in their Appian solutions.

You can watch Matt Calkins’ CEO Keynote address here.

About Temasys Communications

Temasys Communications is a leading provider of real-time communication technology. Temasys develops the Skylink WebRTC Platform., which provides a secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure that makes it easy for businesses to embed live video, voice, text chat, file transfer, screen sharing and more — into their applications and websites.

Temasys helps developers eliminate the complexities of building out the infrastructure to support global communications via any device or browser allowing faster delivery of real-time enabled apps and services, that just work.
Get started today by visiting the Temasys Console for access to free SDKs, easy-to-use APIs, and thorough documentation.

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