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A Beginner’s Guide to Voice APIs for Developers

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There is unlimited public data that can be accessed and consumed using an API. API is short for Application Programming Interface and it allows you to use the public data available on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and countless other websites.

An API can be defined as a bridge between you and the data that you want to access. In simple terms, it’s when you enter an HTTPS request in the address bar of your web browser and press Return. The request is formatted to quickly find the data you want and be displayed in your browser. 

What are RESTful APIs?

The kind of API where you use a URL to access data. REST stands for Representational State Transfer. Simply put, you need to follow certain rules to access this kind of data.

The URL is also called a request and the information displayed on the screen is the response. In more complicated case, the terms such as GET or POST can be used as some of the other commands to interact with the data.

In most cases, the https request will have “api” in it somewhere to indicate that you are using an API. 

Quite interesting, isn’t it? Let’s check it out for ourselves. As an example let us show you how to access sunrise and sunset data using an HTTPS request from the Sunrise and Sunset organization

Working with APIs is a lot of fun, so lets GET STARTED

In the address bar of your web browser, you’re going to enter a URL request that looks something like this:

You can replace the above latitude and longitude with your own or any other location. Once you’ve entered that URL you receive a response that looks a little like this:


"sunrise":"10:27:07 AM",

"sunset":"9:39:11 PM",

"solar_noon":"4:03:09 PM",


"civil_twilight_begin":"10:04:02 AM",

"civil_twilight_end":"10:02:17 PM",

"nautical_twilight_begin":"9:37:24 AM",

"nautical_twilight_end":"10:28:55 PM",

"astronomical_twilight_begin":"9:11:00 AM",

"astronomical_twilight_end":"10:55:19 PM"},"status":"OK"}

Find Out More

As you can see, you get access to a lot of data for very little effort. There are many other websites where you can enter a URL with a few parameters and get high-quality data response. Check out some of the sites below for tips and tricks:

Also, check out for a comprehensive list of APIs that are available to you.

If you’re interested in working with voice APIs, a good first step is to search Rapid API for voice APIs. Use the following link:

Rapid API consists of various APIs allowing you to perform activities like translate text to speech, provide VoIP telecom services, and last but not least add voice and video call functionality to your mobile app or website. Rapid API provides good documentation to help you kickstart your voice API project.

About Temasys

Temasys builds software development kits (SDKs) and APIs to help you add features like video, voice, and chat, to your web applications and mobile devices within minutes for you to improve customer service and interaction.

We’ve just released version 2.0 of our Skylink SDKs that improves stability and reliability, adds mobile screen sharing, and enhances recording functionality.


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