Embed interactive video, voice and data to your mobile apps and websites.

Temasys Skylink real-time communication solutions bring industry-leading ease-of-use, an unrivaled speed of implementation, and support for deployments of any scale – big or small.

We provide painless, secure, globally available, cloud-based infrastructure and tried-and-tested developer centric SDKs allowing you to focus on delivering world-class products with confidence.

In a few minutes, you can easily embed real-time communications into your web or mobile apps fueling it with interactive video, voice and data communications.

Cross Platform Everywhere

Platform isolation is ancient history. All of the SDKs and our platform fully support, and are tested for, cross-platform, cross-device, and cross-transport interoperability.

Seamless Integration

Temasys SDKs have been designed from day one with seamless, non-intrusive and developer friendly integration in mind.

Live Audio, Video, and Messaging

Fully interactive, embeddable, real-time, and encrypted audio, video, and multi-path messaging. Communications feature tooling that just works.

Encrypted Data Streams

Extended support for DataChannel. Stream binary data, events, and transfer files fully-encrypted end-to-end.

Synchronized Session Recording

Record your sessions to your own storage, fully synchronized and time aligned with automatic layout optimization.

Awesome Customer Support

A platform is only as good as its support. We live and breathe by this philosophy. We are available to help, around the clock, and around the world.


But, I just want to code.

Well, don’t let us stop you. Get started with a new Temasys account today at https://console.temasys.io